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Roswell, Marietta, Dunwoody, Alpharetta, Milton, Johns Creek, Chamblee, Sandy Springs & Brookhaven, Georgia
The Chattahoochee River flows through the heart of Georgia's 6th District. Providing life sustaining water and recreation, it symbolizes a world we all want to conserve and protect.
About Our Chapter
Vote Climate! See below for positions of the candidates on energy and climate change.
Climate change knows no party.  Know what the candidates stand for on Climate before you vote. 

Experts agree:
  • It's real
  • It's us (human-caused)
  • It's bad (for people)
  • It's solvable.
Why vote climate? 
  • 97% of climate scientists are convinced human-caused climate change is happening.
  • UGA scientists say Climate change is harming Georgia now, in 3 ways - vulnerable urban-Atlanta area populations face heat and flooding crisis’ (pregnant women, student athletes, the elderly, the sick, and the poor), Georgia coastal areas experience nuisance flooding on rain-free days to sea level rise and agricultural regions are experiencing more drought.
What can Georgians have an impact on Climate?  The most important actions we can take is to reduce our energy waste and fully embrace clean energy.  When we do that, we clean up our air and water, and we all immediately enjoy better health.
  • Market based climate solutions can be the most effective. 
  • “The Conservative Case for Carbon Dividends” has been recently proposed and supported by prominent Republican statesmen such as former Reagan Secretary of State George Shultz and Reagan Chief of Staff James Baker. 
  • Citizens’ Climate Lobby proposes a similar non-partisan carbon pricing proposal.  The well-researched “Carbon Fee and Dividend” plan would reduce carbon emissions by 50% over 20 years, while growing the economy and jobs. 
  • Both of the carbon pricing ideas support returning all fees to Americans on a per-capita basis, protecting the middle class and lower income Americans from higher out-of-pocket costs.  At the same time, pollution is reduced, the market picks the best sources of energy.
The Candidates and climate.  Where do they stand?
Climate is now impacting Georgians.  Our leaders in Congress are in the best position to slow and prepare for climate changes.  Know your candidate’s stance on climate and the impact of their proposals for today and future generations. 


Prepared by David Greenland March 12, 2017

Early voting begins for the First Round on March 27th.

Candidates list is at

Candidates:  Scroll down for information (or not) on their stand on Climate Change based on their web sites.

David Abroms (R) –
Dr. Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan (R) –
Ragin Edwards (D) –
Dr. Richard Keatley (D) –
Keith Grawert (R) –
Bob Gray(R) –
Alexander Hernandez (I) –
Dr. Rebecca Quigg (D) –
Kurt Wilson (R) –
Judson Hill (R) –
Ron Slotin (D) –
Amy Kremer (R)
Bruce LeVell(R) –
Jon Ossoff (D) –
Andre Pollard (I) –
Dan Moody (R) –
William Llop (R) –
Karen Handel (R) –

Candidate Notes
Candidate Information: Reviewed March 12, 2017

David Abroms (R) –  Has run an energy company. Advocates clean energy – sort of.
Dr. Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan (R) –  Pays lips service to “environmentally responsible domestic energy policy.”
Ragin Edwards (D) –   Web site does not address any issues specifically.
Dr. Richard Keatley (D) –  Web site does not address any issues specifically. Except advocates Education.
Keith Grawert (R) –   Addresses issues but NOT energy or climate.
Bob Gray(R) –        Trump supporter – does not address issues.
Alexander Hernandez (I) –                        Does not address energy or climate.
Dr. Rebecca Quigg (D) –           Medical doctor supports AFC but does not mention energy or climate.
Kurt Wilson (R) –      Does not address energy or climate.
Judson Hill (R) –     Does not address energy or climate.
Ron Slotin (D) –  This link does not work. The working one is
Together, we must protect our clean water, clean air and green spaces. Our district is bountiful with trees, parks, rivers and outdoor life. We must support alternative energy sources. Ron will support tax credits for electrical vehicles and solar energy for our homes and businesses. He will also advocate for the Clean Power Plan to protect our air quality for generations to come.
Amy Kremer (R)       Does not address energy or climate.
Bruce LeVell(R) –  Supports Trump - Does not address energy or climate or any issues!

Jon Ossoff (D) –
Jon will be informed by scientists, not lobbyists, when it comes to environmental policy, and he will work to make Georgia a clean energy economic powerhouse.
There is a clear scientific consensus that climate change is driven by human activity and that it threatens global prosperity, health, and security. This is not just the opinion of activists; it is the studied conclusion of our country’s distinguished scientists. Our military and intelligence agencies agree. Jon will oppose efforts to undo the climate change agreement reached last year in Paris and will work to make the United States a global leader against climate change.
Clean air and clean water are not controversial. They are essential to our health, our prosperity, and our quality of life.  Jon will oppose and investigate failures to enforce environmental laws. He will support our national parks and work to conserve America’s treasured wildlife and natural beauty.
My kind of guy!

Andre Pollard (I) –
The above link does not work. Some info can be found here
Does not address energy and climate.
Dan Moody (R) –   Does not address energy or climate.
William Llop (R) –  This link does not work.
This is his web site -  Does not address energy or climate.
Karen Handel (R) –       Despite being a well-known Republican Georgia Politician her web site does not address ANY issues.