Resources for volunteers of Citizens’ Climate Lobby

The REMI carbon tax study

Complete report, national summary, regional summaries, press release, and media about the REMI study can be found here.

Downloadable Graphics

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Banner

Right-click the image below to download a Citizens’ Climate Lobby banner for tabling or outreach.



Citizens’ Climate Lobby Header

Right-click the image below to download a Citizens’ Climate Lobby header for use on Web pages and letterhead.



Citizens’ Climate Lobby Logo (square)

Right-click the image below to download a square Citizens’ Climate Lobby logo.



Resources for New Groups

Resources that will help new group leaders get started

Monthly Conference Calls and Actions

Highlights of the current and past monthly conference calls

Laser Talks

Learn to speak about climate change like an expert and then eventually you will become an expert – practice our laser talks

Letters to Members of Congress

Find resources here to generate letters to members of Congress, including suggested outline, talking points and more.

Bios for Members of Congress

One-page briefings on each of the members of 113th Congress, assembled by state

Working with Congress

Resources you will find useful when visiting a member of Congress

Working with the Mainstream Media

A collection of resources to help you work with the mainstream media

Building the Green Economy

A report prepared for CCL by Joe Robertson on the economics of carbon pricing and the transition to clean, renewable fuels

Introductory Call Recording

Listen to a recording of one of our introductory calls that explains the history and methodology of CCL and how to get involved.

CCL Book Club

A forum to discuss books from a variety of fields related to the issue of climate change

Public Service Announcements

Downloadable PSAs that can be pitched to air on radio stations

Tabling and Outreach

Resources you can use when you do public outreach such as tabling at events or giving presentations

Conference Resources 2011-2013

A collection of past resources from our conference and lobbying days in Washington

Briefing papers

These are summaries of briefing papers on big reports


Tools and resources to help our volunteers raise money for projects of local, national or international scope

Group Start training resources

A one stop of resources for people that have received training to share CCL’s Group Start Workshop

Religious Resources

A list of resources for clergy, congregations, and individuals to help faith communities learn and engage on climate change

West Virginia Intro Call

Led by Elli Sparks to organize CCL chapters in West Virginia

Other Resources

Repertoire of relevant resources produced by others

The CCL War Room


………. Please be sure to check the resources pages periodically as we update them from time to time ………….


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