136 Attend CCL Climate Conference in Brea, CA

This past month 136 CCLers from 14 groups, covering 25 congressional districts came together for the first-ever “El Nino” region’s Regional Conference in Brea, CA.

Mark Reynolds Brea, CA

Three New CCL Chapters

CCL’s Executive Director Mark Reynolds kicked off the climate conference with his sweet irreverence and generosity. He said that thing that Einstein said about how you can’t solve problems with the same mind set that created them. By the time he was done we had launched three new groups. Let’s welcome the new Long Beach, Ventura and Victor Valley groups, under the leadership of Edric Guise, Jan Ventura and Quintin Lake respectively, to the CCL universe!

Climate Conference Events

Throughout both the morning and the afternoon attendees had to make multiple choices about how best to use their time. While Mark Reynolds conducted what he said was “the largest group start ever conducted outside the national DC conference” other breakout sessions were held.

Sandy Simon led a media workshop, with many references to her hero–Judy Weiss—who had 177 LTE’s published in 2014. She wasn’t jealous of Judy. No, Judy was her inspiration, her springboard.

January Nordman and Peter Kalmus from the Pasadena group shared great information for helping us as individuals reduce our own carbon footprints. January presented Permaculture concepts while Peter humorously described his own family’s journey over the last 6 years via his talk entitled “Low Energy Living is Fun”. We were particularly impressed with his vegetable oil converted used car that has over 400,000 miles – the car’s name is “Maeby” – because “Maybe she’ll run and Maybe she won’t!”

In addition to Dan’s sessions on Carbon Fee and Dividend, Tristan Carland of our La Jolla group did a deep dive on the REMI study, while Dana Nuccitelli stepped us through a talk on “Fire and Water: Climate Change Impacts in California”.

And of course, no conference would be complete without the “Mark and Maddie” show – once again our wonderful CCL Executive Director and Program Director took us through a number of motivating and educational interactive sessions that helped us improve our listening skills and better understand what motivates us in the work we do.

Our regional strategy session focused on how to grow new groups in our “uncovered” districts, putting a target right on Bakersfield, the heart of Kevin McCarthy’s district. We also decided to focus more effort on learning about and converting over our various Farm Bureaus too.


Grace gets her cape

Grace gets her climate hero cape.

The weekend was seated in generosity and gratitude– people catapulting themselves off one another’s ideas. Bringing out the best in each other. The conference was uplifting — smart, committed people expecting the best from each other — in the name of something bigger than our small selves.

What a gift we have in CCL. Thank you Marshall Saunders for your shy courage, for giving us a big enough game to play. We are forever indebted.

Four more regional conferences remain in 2015.  Register for one near you or for the international conference in DC this June.