Mike Williams

Mike Williams

Mike Williams

State and Local Media Coordinator

State and Local Media Coordinator Mike Williams supports CCL volunteers’ media efforts
by combining a passion for producing audience-empowering content with a love of teaching
others how to do it.

Mike has over three decades of experience in professional media and journalism education. As
he rose through the editorial ranks of newsrooms, his appreciation of audience needs helped
him build the information resources for creating articles with impact.

During his academic career at leading journalism programs in North Carolina, Ohio, Maryland,
and Kansas, he pivoted this knowledge toward developing new media models to meet the
changing demands of 21st  Century journalism. His ideas have influenced the creation of new
media organizations and the education of students and professionals across the US, Europe,
and Asia, while also supporting the messaging goals of non-profit groups of various sizes.
Mike is an avid environmental photographer and is actively involved with the Audubon Society
in Oregon’s Willamette Valley region.

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