Perry Hodgkins Jones

Perry Hodgkins Jones

Perry Hodgkins Jones

Donor Relations Officer

Perry brings eight years of valuable experience fundraising for environmental organizations seeking to create a sustainable world and build connections to nature. She is passionate about working with communities and individuals to find and nurture resilience and believes deeply in the mission of Citizens’ Climate. As Donor Relations Officer, Perry is dedicated to creating and cultivating strong relationships with the generous donors who make this important work possible.

Perry is originally from NJ and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Political Science & International Relations from Wellesley College in MA, and has her Master’s in Theology & the Environment from The University of the South in Sewanee, TN. She lives in Alexandria, VA, with her rambunctious toddler, spouse, and two lazy cats. When she’s not connecting folks to the mission of CCE & CCL, she enjoys trail running, baking, drawing, and playing with her family and friends.

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