Advanced Climate Policy Bootcamp

Advanced Climate Policy

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June 7-10, 2017



American University, Washington, DC


Get the training you need to become educated and empowered climate advocate

Has someone ever asked you a climate policy question you didn’t know the answer to? Or perhaps you want to dig deeper into the intricacies of carbon pricing, emissions mitigation strategies or the structure of electrical power industry?

If so, then this immersive Advanced Climate Policy Bootcamp is for you!

Upon completion of the Bootcamp, attendees will have an increased understanding of the more technical aspects of greenhouse gas mitigation policy, will increase their ability to make strategic advocacy decisions, and will be able to serve as a resource for their local group of climate advocates.

Two Learning Tracks

Domestic Track

Domestic Track

The Domestic Track curriculum will include materials on existing municipal, state, and federal policies and how they might interact with carbon fee and dividend.

International Track

International Track

The International Track curriculum will include materials on Canada and China’s efforts to mitigate emissions. After learning about the latest details about international and domestic mitigation policies, attendees will conduct a simulated climate negotiation and present their results.


ross-astoriaThe Advanced Policy Bootcamp is organized by Professor Ross Astoria (JD/PhD). Professor Astoria teaches courses on policy and law at the University of Wisconsin at Parkside, including constitutional law, introduction to law, and environmental policy. He has published on constitutional law, international law, California’s cap-and-trade program, and utility law. He has over 15 years experience in designing and constructing curriculum and has recently organized a model international climate negotiations and a model constitutional convention.

Ross has been a CCL volunteer since 2011 and is presently serving as the chair of the board of directors for Citizens’ Climate Lobby. He and his family enjoy eating homemade pasta and climbing in the mountains.

The Venue


American University

McDowell Hall
4400 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20016

On-campus lodging is available, see Lodging FAQs below.

Schedule of Events

Bootcamp FAQs

Registration Questions

Who is the Advanced Climate Policy Bootcamp for?

The Bootcamp is designed for climate advocates who want to increase their ability to interact on some of the more technical policy questions which arise in their climate advocacy and to serve as a resource for other climate advocates in their community. Not everyone needs to be a policy wonk, but if you are, or think you’re becoming one, Advanced Climate Policy Bootcamp is for you.

Is there a prerequisite?

No formal past experience with policy analysis is required. However, CCL volunteers approach each meeting with appreciation, respect, and gratitude. To ensure the Bootcamp continues that approach, attendees must have completed the CCL Climate Advocate Training (aka Groupstart Workshop) and be a regular participant in a local CCL group.

Is there a registration fee?

The registration fee for the Bootcamp is $49 and includes light breakfast June 8-10.

There will be three ticket types:

  1. Bootcamp Only – $49
  2. Bootcamp plus Single Lodging – $319 (see lodging FAQ below)
  3. Bootcamp plus Double Lodging – $274 (see lodging FAQ below)

Register by May 19th.

Are meals included in the registration fee?

Light breakfast (such as muffins, danish, fruit, and coffee) will be served June 8-10, and an afternoon coffee break will be served June 8th and 9th. All other meals are on your own. American University’s dining hall will be open. There is a Subway and Starbucks on campus, and other dining options nearby.

Is my conference fee transferable?

Conference registration fees are not transferable.

May I pay by check?

Yes! To pay by check, click “Have an offer code?” on the checkout page and then type the word “check” in the box, click the check mark and continue completing the registration form. Then mail your check, made payable to Citizens’ Climate Lobby, to our office at 1330 Orange Ave, #309, Coronado, CA 92118. Your payment must be received by May 19, 2017.

Whom should I notify if I need to cancel?

Please email gro.e1513388422tamil1513388422csnez1513388422itic@1513388422ecner1513388422efnoc1513388422, with “Bootcamp” in the subject line. Refunds can only be made through May 19.

When should I arrive?

The Bootcamp will begin at 6:00 PM Wednesday, June 7th. Plan to arrive and sign in beginning at 5:00 PM on June 7th.

Lodging Questions

How do I reserve a dorm room suite accommodation at American University?

Two lodging options will be available at American University:

  1. Single dorm suite (one single bed with restroom; maximum occupancy is 1 person) is $90/person/night totaling $270 for the three nights. When you register, you would choose the ticket type: Bootcamp plus single lodging. This will add $270 to your $49 registration fee (totaling $319).
  2. Double dorm suite (2 single beds, with a restroom to share with a roommate, maximum occupancy is 2 people) is $75/person/night totaling $225 for three nights per roommate. You would choose the ticket type: Bootcamp plus double lodging. This will add $225 to your $49 fee (totaling $274).

○ We will not be placing roommates, but we will help coordinate roommate-finding. You can find a roommate before or after you register. If you find a roommate on your own before you register, please put your roommate’s name on your registration in the “Requested Roommate” blank. If you need help finding a roommate after you register, please put “need roommate” in the “Requested Roommate” blank, and we will contact you following your registration to help pair you with another attendee.

Check-in will be 3:00pm and check-out is by 12:00pm if you are reserving a room at American University.

If you have any questions, please email gro.y1513388422bbole1513388422tamil1513388422csnez1513388422itic@1513388422nosil1513388422a1513388422

What are the other nearby hotels?

A list of nearby hotels from

How can I find a roommate?

We will not be placing roommates, but we will help coordinate roommate-finding. You can find a roommate before or after you register. If you find a roommate on your own before you register, please put your roommate’s name on your registration in the “Requested Roommate” blank. If you need help finding a roommate after you register, please put “need roommate” in the “Requested Roommate” blank, and we will contact you following your registration to help pair you with another attendee.

Are there other lodging accommodations nearby?

Hostels (rates vary between $26-$40/night for dorm style accommodations)

You also might consider renting through Airbnb.

What does the dorm room suite include?

The room will have a twin size bed, armoire, desk, and a bathroom (shared with your roommate if you are in a double). The room comes with basic linens (sheets, blanket, bath towel, and hand towel).

Dorm Room photo
dorm room layout


Is there a subway/rail system near the University?

Yes, DC’s rail service is called Metro. The Red Line stops at Tenleytown/AU Station which is a couple of blocks away from the campus. Check out this DC Metro Trip Planner for additional information. Outside of the Tenleytown/AU Station there is American University shuttle stop, the shuttle can bring you to the University Campus. Ask the shuttle bus driver to help you to get off at the main quad stop. You can find more information about the shuttle and download the StreetEagle App to track the buses:

Will parking be available at American University?

The University’s pay-as-you-go parking areas will be available for $2/hour or $16/daily rates. Or, you can pay for a parking permit in advance using AU’s Parking Portal and print out a pass to place on your dashboard. Find more information:

If I am attending the CCE/CCL 8th Annual International conference, how do I get from American University to the Conference venue (Omni Shoreham Hotel)?

Take AU’s shuttle bus to the Tenleytown/AU Station Metro Station, take the Metro’s Red Line going towards Glenmont to the Woodley Park station (three stops). Walk two blocks to the Omni Shoreham Hotel by heading out of the Woodley Park station at its 24th Street NW & Connecticut Ave exit and proceed down Calvert Street. Omni Shoreham Hotel: 2500 Calvert St NW, Washington, DC 20008.

Travel Questions

Why do we have a United Airlines Discount Program? How can I take advantage of the possible discounts?

CCL has secured discounts on airfare for volunteers flying to DC for the Bootcamp. The discount program is 2% off and interested parties have two options for booking travel through United’s Meetings Program.

  1. Booking online: At use this in the offer code box while searching for flights: ZXZ5290472
  2. Travel Agent or Calling United Meetings Program: You can also book through your own travel agent or by calling United Meetings at 800-426-1122. The Agreement code is 290472 and the Z code is ZXZ5

For every forty (40) or more passengers who book through the United Meetings program, the customer will receive three (3) credits valid for redemption from a menu of travel rewards which can be viewed here. Some rewards include round-trip travel certificates, seating upgrades, free United Club Passes and more.

Why did we choose United Airlines?
They had the best benefits packages for our volunteers and, compared with the other major airlines, United had the best sustainability record and goals. According to their website, they are committed to leading commercial aviation as an environmentally responsible company. They’re working toward collective industry goals, including 1.5% average annual fuel efficiency improvement through 2020, carbon neutral growth beginning in 2020, and a 50% reduction in CO2 by 2050 relative to 2005 baseline levels.

Is there a way to offset my carbon emissions for my travel to the Conference?

Volunteers wishing to offset their carbon footprint from traveling to and from the conference can do so via the United Airlines’ CarbonChoice program if you are flying via United, or use common carbon offset programs like Carbonfund or TerraPass to support projects designed to help reduce greenhouse gases. We hope these options help you to save some green while you green your travel, if flying is your only option!


If I am a college student, am I eligible to earn college credits by completing the Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp will be an intensive learning experience which may qualify you to earn college credits. It is up to you to inquire about this at your college/university to find a Professor who may sponsor your independent study.

What attire is appropriate for the Bootcamp?

Casual attire is just fine. Dress comfortably.

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