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To assist both journalists and our volunteers, we offer press releases and opeds from our executive director, Mark Reynolds. We also offer editorial packets that provide timely commentary on climate-related issues and include links to useful resources.

Advisories, Press Releases, Media Packets

Media packets provide background and links to information newspapers can use when commenting on climate and energy issues.

Earth Day Media Packet – April 2018

IPCC Report – October 2018


Post-election media packet

Earth Day

Earth Day media packet

Supreme Court stay on the Clean Power Plan

Supreme Court stay on the Clean Power Plan

President’s State of the Union Address

President’s State of the Union Address media packet

Paris Climate Talks

CCL Media Packet Paris Talks

CCL Media Update, Fall 2015

Fall 2015 Media Update

A report on our published media from July through Oct., 2015

September 17, 2015: Chris Gibson (R-NY) House Resolution

Breaking the partisan impasse in Congress on climate change

September 11, 2015: Pope Francis’ Visit with Congress

Climate Change and Pope Francis’ Visit to Congress

June 16, 2015: Pope Francis’ Climate Change Encyclical Media Packet

Pope Francis’ Climate Change Encyclical

August 9, 2013, Editorial Packet:

Market-based solution can be GOP response to climate change

June 17, 2013, Press Release:

Citizen lobbyists converge on Congress to press for carbon tax

June 16, 2013, Media Advisory:

Invitation to attend CCL conference in DC, June 23-25

May 11, 2013, CCL op-ed: 

Two numbers on climate change we ignore at our own peril

April 15, 2013, editorial packet: 

Earth to GOP: Why It’s Okay to Accept the Science on Climate Change

February, 2013, Op-ed:

GOP can be part of climate solution with market-based approach

Jan. 22, 2012, press release:

Republicans can work with Obama on climate change with a market-based solution

Nov. 13, 2012, editorial packet:

After Sandy’s wake-up on global warming, it’s time for a consumer-friendly carbon fee

Oct. 29, 2012 press release:

“Frankenstorm” the latest warning to address climate change.

Oct. 26, 2012:

Q&A on Frankenstorm and global warming with Rutgers climate scientist Jennifer Francis

July 30, 2012 press release:

Citizens tell Congress to price carbon

July 2012 media advisory: 

As disasters strike nation, citizens come to DC to press for action on global warming

June 21, 2012 brief filed in California Superior Court:

Citizens’ Climate Lobby challenge to offsets provisions in California’s cap-and-trade program.

June 2012 oped from Mark Reynolds:

Disasters show it’s time for last call at Club Fossil Fuel

June 2012 press release:

Three Mass. representatives co-sponsor climate bill

June 2012 editorial packet:

Rio+20 Summit — U.S. must lead others on path toward livable world with revenue-neutral fee on carbon

April 2012 editorial packet:

It’s Earth Day and the planet sends a message: Stop burning things that make the world hotter

March 28, 2012 press release:

Organizations sue to close offsets loophole in California greenhouse gas reduction program.

AB 32 Offsets Questions & Answers

AB 32 Offsets Amended Complaint, April 27, 2012

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