Calling our conservative volunteers: Please become an Ambassador!

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As a Conservative Caucus Ambassador, you can arrange to have former South Carolina Congressman Bob Inglis speak to conservative groups in your area.

Calling our conservative volunteers: Please become an Ambassador!

By Alex Amonette

CCL’s Conservative Caucus was founded several years ago with the intent of supporting and growing our conservative membership within CCL. The Caucus has had some great successes, including national outreach to prominent organizations, though its ability to support and organize volunteers to conduct local outreach in their respective communities, to Republican clubs for example, has been very limited.

However, that much-needed support is now here with the new CCL Conservative Caucus Ambassador Program! The goal of this program is to establish Caucus Ambassadors in every state and, eventually, every chapter in the country. Ambassadors perform local outreach on behalf of CCL and, by working at the grassroots level, will both help grow our volunteer base as well as build credibility and support from local conservative and Republican activists.

Peter Bryn, CCL’s Conservative Director and an engineer formerly with ExxonMobil, says, “For our legislation to pass, members of Congress, especially Republicans, need to see support among conservatives in their districts. This means both growing the number of conservative volunteers within CCL, as well as engaging the local Republican clubs that are full of block-walkers and phone-bankers that support Republican candidates during election season. These fellow citizens are a critical constituency for us to reach, and that is exactly what our Ambassadors are doing.”

What do Ambassadors do?

Fundamentally, Ambassadors are building relationships on behalf of CCL with local conservatives. To keep ourselves focused, we often structure our outreach around specific campaigns. For example:

  1. Conservative phone banking to new conservative volunteers to welcome them into the CCL and the Caucus
  2. Influencing state GOP platforms to include language on climate or carbon pricing (efforts underway already in MN, TX, FL, OR, and MA)
  3. Arranging “tours” and presentations with Bob Inglis (R-SC) to local Republican clubs (already active in NY, WV, IN, and southern CA)

Bryn adds, “The program also offers messaging, guidance, and materials to help you attract conservatives when engaging a general audience.”

Republican CCL volunteer and Caucus Ambassador Bruce Morlan, a statistician with a 20-year military career from Northfield, MN, talks with fellow conservatives a lot. Morlan says, “Sometimes I talk with folks that don’t agree with the majority of climate scientists who have documented that our changing climate is due to human activities. But we can still talk solutions that provide economic, national security, health, and energy benefits. We can become the party of free markets and replace regulations to solve the problem of our changing climate. At least half of the country’s energy should come from renewable sources by 2030 and a fee on carbon emissions that is distributed back to taxpayers is the solution—the revenue-neutral Carbon Fee and Dividend.”

Zaurie Zimmerman, owner of a consulting business in Massachusetts and a manufacturing company in Kentucky, says, “As CCL Conservative Caucus Ambassador for New England, my goal is to identify and encourage as many conservatives and moderates, and especially business people, to embrace CCL’s policy and become active advocates for it within their networks. Legislators, like everyone else, respond more positively to members of their own tribe, and to individuals who are responsible for growing jobs in their districts.”

Zimmerman also wrote, as one of the 900 signers of the Business Backs Low-Carbon USA statement issued to our political leaders in November 2016: “I am hopeful that President-elect Trump is pragmatic enough to see the job-growing potential of the clean-energy transition.” Growing conservative membership in CCL will help show this administration and Congress the depth of support that’s really out there.

Ready to work with local Republican clubs?

If you identify as politically Republican or fiscally conservative Independent and are interested in acting as an Ambassador for your chapter or state, we would love to support you and add you to the quickly growing team around the country! Please contact Peter at gro.e1628117228tamil1628117228csnez1628117228itic@1628117228sevit1628117228avres1628117228noc1628117228 to learn more.


Alex Amonette
Alex Amonette is a freelance technical and grant writer/editor, lives in cattle and sheep country, and raises vegetables and hay.