CCL now has a logo

CCL - Logo

CCL now has a logo

Wait a minute, you may be thinking, didn’t we already have a logo?

Actually, no. For several years, what has been serving as a logo — the Capitol and earth with our name — was not really a logo. It was a banner. It served well for stretching across the top of our Web site or on letterhead, but we thought it was time to get a real logo. And with the roll out of our new Web site coming up, we thought this would be a good time to introduce one.

We organized a small committee and engaged the services of a very talented designer, Billy Pilgrim, who’s been doing this work for over thirty years. He posed, and we answered, questions about our organization’s mission and the people we’re trying to reach and serve. A dozen or so concepts were whittled down four. What you see here is the unanimous recommendation of the committee.

What we were looking for and what we like about this logo is the unique and distinctive rendering of the acronym CCL. For a number of years now, we’ve built up a lot of brand identity with CCL, and we wanted to emphasize that. Some may look at this logo for the first time and not immediately see that it’s an acronym. But upon reading the name below, they will look back up and after a second or two experience that “ah-hah” moment of discovery. Kind of like when new members of CCL discover that they actually can have an impact on our government’s policies.

We could have done something very literal — an image of the Capitol or the earth — but we didn’t want to restrict the message about who we are. Instead, we opted to be bold and original, if not somewhat abstract, allowing the viewer to create their own interpretation of what the logo represents: Are the two C’s a legislative body being impacted by citizens, represented by the ‘L’? Are they waves radiating across the political landscape? The story is in the eye of the beholder.

The version you see above will be the one normally used, but there are times when a horizontal version is needed — as with our Web site — and for that purpose we’ll use the following:


As CCL grows and becomes more well-known, our logo gives us a distinctive identity that will be instantly recognizable.

— Steve Valk, CCL Communications Director