Regional and State Conferences


Students at a CCL conference


Citizens’ Climate Lobby Regional Conferences are empowering, inspiring events that gather climate advocates in every corner of the country. Together, attendees explore current and relevant topics impacting their region: climate change, relationships with their legislators, and how all citizens can move Congress toward meaningful climate legislation.

Each Regional Conference includes panels of experts in the field, strategy sessions, and skill-building workshops for citizen lobbyists, such as CCL’s basic Climate Advocate Training. And don’t forget the priceless opportunity to network with other CCL volunteers and community members. Experienced CCL members, brand new volunteers, and fellow climate-concerned citizens are all welcome!

Regional and State Conference Schedule

Jan 30 – 31Mid-Atlantic Region (D.C., DE, MD, NJ) Virtual (Register)Sabrina Fu (gro.y1611809323bbole1611809323tamil1611809323csnez1611809323itic@1611809323uf.an1611809323irbas1611809323)
Jan 30 – 31North Wind Region (IA, MN, NE, ND, SD) Virtual (Register)Mindy Ahler (gro.e1611809323tamil1611809323csnez1611809323itic@1611809323relha1611809323.ydni1611809323m1611809323)
Feb 20 – 21Tornadoes Region (AR, KS, MO, OK)
Virtual (Register)
Carol Braford (gro.y1611809323bbole1611809323tamil1611809323csnez1611809323itic@1611809323drofa1611809323rb.lo1611809323rac1611809323)
Feb 20 – 213rd Coast Region (LA, MS, TX) Virtual (Register)Susan Adams (gro.y1611809323bbole1611809323tamil1611809323csnez1611809323itic@1611809323smada1611809323.nasu1611809323s1611809323)
Feb 20 – 21Northeast Region (CT, ME, MA, NH, NY, RI, VT) Virtual (Register)Iona Lutey (gro.y1611809323bbole1611809323tamil1611809323csnez1611809323itic@1611809323yetul1611809323.anoi1611809323)
Feb 20 – 21Appalachia Region (KY, PA, TN, VA, WV) Virtual (Register)Jon Clark (gro.y1611809323bbole1611809323tamil1611809323csnez1611809323itic@1611809323kralc1611809323.noj1611809323)
Feb 27 – 28California Region Virtual (Register)Kathy Orlinksy (gro.e1611809323tamil1611809323csnez1611809323itic@1611809323yhtak1611809323)

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