CCL’s staff expands again

CCL’s staff expands again

By Elise Koepke

As momentum for climate action has grown in 2021, so has CCL’s staff. We’ve expanded our team to introduce three new roles this spring, in addition to a few at the end of last year. With expertise in donor relations, conservative outreach, and diversity and inclusion, our new staffers are broadening the scope of CCL’s outreach and activities.

Let’s get to know a little more about our newest team members and what they’ll be doing within CCL.

Kelsey Grant

Kelsey is CCL’s Conservative Outreach Coordinator. She’ll work to recruit and build relationships with conservatives, libertarians, and Republicans, as well as support and expand our conservative state team efforts. A seasoned CCL member, Kelsey brings years of experience to her new role—she’s served as a Campus Leader, Steering Committee member, Conservative Caucus executive team member, and CCL Conservative Fellow. “What drew me to my current position was my desire to keep the growing momentum over the last couple years going and to keep pushing our conservative efforts in the right direction,” she said.

Outside of CCL, Kelsey is an avid reader, walker, and pre-law student at University of Colorado at Boulder, where she’s gearing up to graduate with a double major in Political Science and Philosophy. She’s even recruited a very loyal and furry member to CCL’s Conservative Outreach team: her new golden retriever puppy, Sir Winston III (Winston for short.)  “I like to say he is a self-identified conservative and like to consider him as CCL’s Conservative Canine Outreach Coordinator,” Kelsey said.

Patricia Rubio

Patricia joins CCL as our Diversity and Inclusion Program Coordinator. In her role, she works with volunteers and their chapters to increase membership and reach out to new communities. Prior to her work with CCL, Patricia served as an environmental educator at the Edinburg World Birding center, where she helped unite people with nature and cultivate deep connections with the indigenous wildlife of the Rio Grande Valley. Her experiences as a naturalist sparked her interest in a career in environmental justice, leading to her current role here at CCL.

Patricia lives in South Texas along the Texas/Mexico border. In her free time, you can find Patricia birdwatching, butterflying, and identifying Rio Grande Valley native flora. She especially loves going on hikes with her 12-year old dog, Franky!

Perry Hodgkins Jones

Perry joins CCL’s team as Donor Relations Officer. In her role, Perry cultivates and strengthens the relationships with CCL’s generous donors who make our work possible. She brings eight years of experience fundraising for environmental organizations working to address the climate crisis and foster connections to the natural world. “Our organization needs to continue growing and impacting climate policy across the country,” she says. “Volunteers can email or call me with any questions about our funding, or if they want to know how to help strengthen the base of support.” (One way to help right now is to become an Evergreen Donor. Monthly gifts are matched 3-to-1!)

Perry grew up in New Jersey and now lives with her family and two cats in Arlington, Virginia. “When I’m not working to build a strong network of donors for CCL/CCE, I am likely playing or hiking with my family, trail running, baking, or drawing,” she says.

To keep up with future staff changes, you can visit our website’s Team page anytime. Visit CCL’s Community Forums to ask questions or communicate with staff members.

Elise Koepke is a communications intern with Citizens’ Climate Lobby. She is a recent graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she studied Earth Science.