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West Los Angeles

West Los Angeles, California
Members of CCL Los Angeles
About Our Chapter

Be Part of the Climate Change Solution as a Member of Our Chapter.
Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots organization that will train you to take effective action on climate change. We work together in hundreds of local chapters to pursue a nationwide goal: passing Carbon Fee and Dividend legislation.
Studies show our plan will cut carbon emissions by 52% while creating millions of jobs and improving health – without growing the government. It will also return all of the collected carbon fees to U.S. households.
We’re Enthusiastic and Welcoming – and We Need You.
Our group is dynamic in spirit and diverse in ages, backgrounds and career paths. Some members are long-time activists and others are just getting started. CCL’s training provides everyone with the skills they need to make a difference.
If you live in one of the Congressional Districts below, will you join us in working to build productive relationships with Congress and our communities? Our Chapter covers:
  • CD 29 – Sun Valley area, represented by Tony Cardenas
  • CD 30 – Tarzana/Encino area, represented by Brad Sherman
  • CD 33 – Coastal cities from Agoura Hills to Palos Verdes, represented by Ted Lieu
  • CD 37 – Mid-LA, represented by Karen Bass and shared with LA Mid-City Chapter
  • CD 43 – Westchester to Lomita, represented by Maxine Waters
Our meetings are the second Saturday of each month, at 8:45 am, rotating between Chapter members’ residences. We hope to see you soon!

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