Citizens' Climate Lobby Chapter

Fort Collins

Fort Collins, Colorado
About Our Chapter
Love Colorado?  We do too!

We love...
   - the quiet magic of a pine forest,
   - the earthy smell of growing crops at night,
   - the beauty of rugged alpine tundra,
   - the joy of discovery on a new trail or road with beautiful fall leaves
But increasingly, we experience insect killed forests, wildfires, flood damage
Each year seems more intense and the major cause is climate change.
We are the Fort Collins Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Chapter Meets 3rd Thursday, 7 pm at Trinity Lutheran Church (west entrance), 301 E. Stuart StreetFort Collins CO, 80525
What are we doing?
Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) seeks to create the political will for climate action at the federal level.  We use four paths to accomplish this:

  1. Direct lobbying with our members of Congress to educate, raise awareness, and
      advocate for a carbon fee with full dividend.
  2. Writing letters to Congress about current impacts and need for action
  3. Publishing climate related letters and opinion pieces in local media.
  4. Outreach to our local community through direct conversation with people like you
      at local events and speaking engagements.
   5. Presentations to community groups and classes.

CCL’s goal is to empower people like you to be effective advocates for a livable world.  CCL staff members provide support via conference/lobby days in Washington, D.C., monthly conference calls featuring guest speakers, online tutorials, and free background materials. 

CCL provides you with the tools you need to grow and feel comfortable in speaking powerfully to our elected officials, the news media and your community.   CCL focuses on respectful, meaningful relationships with our members of Congress to help create political will.

Questions?  Contact:  moc.l1571204011iamg@1571204011tcatn1571204011oc.lc1571204011c.cf1571204011

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