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Bath, Brunswick, Maine
Maine CCL at 9th Annual CCL International Conference and Lobby Days
Citizens' Climate Lobby- Bath-Brunswick Chapter is one of 500 chapters worldwide and one of a growing number (6 and counting) of Maine chapters.  

Our laser focus is to get our Representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives - Chellie Pingree and Jared Goldend - to support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019 - H.R. 763 and to get our U.S. Senators - Angus King and Susan Collins- to support a similar bill in the U.S. Senate.  After eleven years of advocating for a bipartisan, revenue neutral, market-based, carbon fee and dividend, CCL is supporting H.R. 763 which is very similar to the hypothetical one we have been proposing.

To get our members of Congress to support these bills, we build political will.  We need to show our members of Congress that their constituents favor a carbon fee and dividend. We educate, advocate, and get endorsements from local political entities and leaders, from businesses, from church groups, environmental and community organizations. 

Our chapter helps members navigate the tools provided by CCL National.  We support each other in our efforts to understand policies, the science behind climate change and the economics of a carbon fee and dividend.  Our meetings are educational and we have a great website filled with educational resources, webinars, power points and graphics to support our work and give us confidence.

Our members help and participate in whatever way fits their skills and preferences.  All write letters and call members of Congress on a regular basis.  Some write letters and Op Eds for newspapers.  Some present power points to community groups, cities and towns.  Some table at events to sign up more members and advertise our work.  Some lobby offices of our members of Congress. Some meet with business leaders to educate and seek endorsements.  This may seem outside your comfort zone but this is the work of a democracy.  We are citizens, amateur lobbyists, trying to lower carbon dioxide pollution in the most cost effective way and preserve a livable planet for our children and their children.

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