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Cities: Martinsburg, CharlesTown, Harpers Ferry Hagerstown, Winchester, Shepherdstown, Hedgesville, West Virginia
Agricultural benefits of going solar, good for horses and people alike!

Love West Virginia?  ~ We do too. 

We are one of hundreds of chapters across the world, working together to convince Congress and the public to protect our homes, businesses, rivers and mountains from climate change.

Come have lunch with us the 2nd Saturday each month at 12:30 in Hoss's Restaurant, 195 Aikens Center, at the north end of Martinsburg, off Edwin Miller Blvd. If you want to know more about us, there's a national Introductory Conference Call every Wednesday at 8 pm - 866-642-1665; passcode 440699# You can listen to a recorded version anytime:

We work for Congress to pass HR 763 which puts a Fee on carbon from fossil fuels, a Dividend to give the money back to US residents, and a Border Adjustment to push other countries to reduce carbon too.

CCL in West Virginia also supports A New Day for the Coalfields, which helps coal workers and communities to transition to retirement or new jobs.

 We use four paths to accomplish this:

  1. Direct lobbying with our members of Congress to educate, raise awareness, and advocate.
  2. Publishing climate related letters and opinion pieces in local papers.
  3. Writing letters to Congress about current impacts and need for action.
  4. Outreach to our local community through direct conversation with people like you at local events and speaking engagements.

Economists and climate scientists say the Carbon Fee proposal is the “best first-step” to prevent the worst impacts of a warming world. A fee on fossil fuels gives everyone and every business reasons to save energy every way they can: insulation, efficient appliances, combining trips, etc. At the same time the dividend gives everyone money to pay the extra costs. This has been successful in British Columbia.

The alternative of regulations can't reduce CO2 in as many ways as a general fee. The alternative of cap and trade creates unpredictable price changes, so businesses cannot plan, and has not reduced carbon as much as hoped for in places which tried it. Neither alternative raises money for a dividend to help people pay for energy costs.

We support the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus which has equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats in the House of Representatives to discuss solutions to global warming.

Our market-based Dividend, coming from a Carbon Fee, will support small businesses and families, create jobs, and drastically reduce emissions — all without a bigger government.

We’ve seen firsthand how passionate citizens can influence Congress. We have top of the line online training and helpful support for you and us.

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