Conservatives will attend CCL’s 2018 conference in record numbers

Conservatives will attend CCL’s 2018 conference in record numbers

By Jim Tolbert

At Citizens’ Climate Lobby, being non-partisan is one of our core values. In practice, that means we focus on being a place for conservative and progressive members to work together on national policies to address climate change.

This year, we have focused on getting conservative voices from each of the United States to join us at our 2018 June Conference and Lobby Day. As of May 1, after the close of early registration, we have CCL members that identify to the right of center registered from 39 states, leaving just 11 states where we are still working to recruit conservatives to attend our June Conference. The map above shows the distribution of these attendees—yellow states don’t yet have conservative representation at our conference, but the pink or red states do. The darker the color, the more conservatives attending from that state.

Chris Casey conservative texas climate change

Chris Casey

Those conservatives attending the conference are looking forward to it for many reasons: connection, education and more resources to advance their local climate advocacy. Chris Casey, a Republican from Texas explains, “The conference comes just in time because the following three days after the conference is the GOP Texas State Convention. Although my resolution for supporting a carbon fee & dividends policy failed the second phase of the (Republican) convention process, I was elected as a delegate of Brazos County, so I can use any tips and techniques learned at the conference along with my influence as a delegate to take another stab at it at the state convention.”

Craig Preston conservative california climate change

Craig Preston

Craig Preston is a long-time CCL member that works to be a trusted voice with other conservatives as part of his outreach. “I am on my seventh trip to DC with CCL to bring conservative principles, like economic viability, to the discussions as we craft and pass an effective solution. I can’t think of a better use of my time and energy to go to DC and join the push for climate action.”

Good work to every CCLer who has helped with outreach so far. There is still time to reach out to people you might know in the states still colored yellow on our map. See you in June!

Jim Tolbert is CCL’s Conservative Director, responsible for growing our conservative volunteer base, helping volunteers work with conservative audiences, and guiding the activities of CCL’s Conservative Caucus.