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Corporations have lobbyists. Now Earth does too.

Why did corporations and special interests pour 4 BILLION DOLLARS into lobbying in 2022 alone?

Because it works.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby educates, trains, and organizes regular people across the U.S. to have the same skills as paid lobbyists. But our volunteers lobby for the good of the planet instead of for profit.

We are nonpartisan, grassroots, and highly respected in Congress for our work.

The impact of giving

210,000citizen supporters

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389local chapters across the U.S.

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600+meetings with Congress every year

graphic of blue donkey and green elephant, represnting Democrats and Republicans getting along

6bipartisan bills signed into law

Your money goes to directly support our grassroots volunteers

Every dollar you give to Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, and Citizens’ Climate Education, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is used to push our organization’s mission forward. We take pride in how we utilize your donations to continue to give a voice to citizens and pass impactful climate policy.

GreatNonprofits 2023 Top-Rated NonprofitCharity Navigator Four-StarCandid Platinum Transparency 2023
  • 79.7% Program
  • 12.6% Leadership and Strategy
  • 7.5% Raising funds for grassroots climate action

Expenses represent CCE, which has higher operating costs than CCL.

Your gift helps:

Two CCL volunteers talk to a man at a CCL booth

We focus on nationwide legislation

Every day, we recruit, train, organize, and mobilize citizen lobbyists to lobby Congress and make national change happen faster.

A group of CCL volunteers meet with an elected official

We build support for climate action in communities across America

A majority of Americans are worried about climate change, but only 8% are active. This is because they have no idea how to help. Through outreach events in local communities, our volunteers give direction for how people can get involved.

CCL volunteers walk and talk with each other at the US Capitol

We get good climate laws passed

We advocate for good climate laws – the ones that will ensure a healthy climate and environment for generations to come. Last year, we helped pass the biggest climate bill in American history, the Inflation Reduction Act.

By giving to CCL, you’re helping fund a nationwide lobbying force that puts the planet over profits. Lobbying has worked for corporations. Help us make it work for Earth, too.

We can’t solve climate change alone

Solving climate change isn’t a challenge of science, but of political will. Our grassroots volunteers build political will for climate action across the U.S. with a nonpartisan approach.

Solutions we're working towards

We work on passing legislation in the following key areas that will drive America’s carbon pollution down and build bridges in Congress and our communities:

Hand holding three $20 bills over a blue background

Carbon Pricing

The single most powerful tool to lower America’s and the world’s carbon pollution

Cutout of pine trees over a blue background, representing healthy forests

Healthy Forests

Making sure America’s ‘lungs’ are healthy and abundant

Cutout of a three-pronged electrical cord over a blue background, representing building electrification and energy efficiency

Building Electrification and Efficiency

Save money and reduce carbon pollution

cutout of a solar panel on a blue background, representing the kinds of infrastructure that permitting reform will help us build more of

Clean Energy Permitting Reform

We need to speed up the pace at which we build and connect new clean energy projects️

Donate to support citizens who get climate laws passed