Far Middle

Welcome to the Far Middle

The radical idea that we need to work together to solve our biggest problems, like climate change.

It’s time to take the politics out of climate change. To help do that, we’ve created The Far Middle, where:


  • Ordinary people from across the U.S. work in local groups to build support for climate solutions. Each of our 450+ local groups reflects the priorities of the people who live there.
  • Although we don’t agree on everything, we team up to solve climate change.
  • We support Democrats and Republicans coming together on climate solutions. Both sides have something to offer. 


The radical part of the Far Middle isn’t that we’re angry and yelling. It’s that we aren’t. Our goal? To show Congress that if we can look past our differences to work together on climate change, they can too. 


Tired of partisan quarrels about climate change? There’s someone with three heads you need to meet.

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