Take Action this Election Season

It’s time to get loud for the climate đź“Ł

To pass climate policy, Congress needs to hear a chorus of many different voices calling their offices. Today is a great day to join that chorus. Let’s keep pushing for permitting reform and continue to build support for carbon pricing. You can also share CCL’s key social media posts to your network to urge them to take action for the climate today.

Ask Your Representative to Cosponsor the Energy Innovation Act

Our favorite bill is back in Congress! The Energy Innovation Act (H.R.5744) is a carbon fee and dividend bill and will drive America’s transition to clean energy. Email your Representative today asking them to cosponsor.

The BIG WIRES Act has been introduced in the House and the Senate. It’s the next step forward in successful permitting reform. Call your members of Congress today and ask them to cosponsor it.

Will 2024 bring continued dependence on fossil fuels? Or will we move towards safe and clean energy? Donations like yours make the difference. Help us recruit, train and mobilize more citizen lobbyists who get effective climate laws passed.

Who is Citizens’ Climate Lobby?

Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan grassroots advocacy climate change organization that exists to create the political will for climate change solutions by enabling individual breakthroughs in the exercise of personal and political power.


Our consistently respectful, nonpartisan approach to climate education is designed to create a broad, sustainable foundation for climate action across all geographic regions and political inclinations.


CCL empowers everyday people to work with their community and their members of Congress. Our supporters cover the political spectrum and work in more than 450 local chapters. Together, we’re building support for a national bipartisan solution to climate change.