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Question: What is Citizens’ Climate Lobby?

Answer:  CCL is an international, non-partisan, grassroots organization committed to creating the political will for a livable climate. We strive to create that will by empowering citizens to exercise their right to engage their elected leaders on vital issues.

CCL pursues this goal by organizing and training volunteers in local chapters to take a variety of actions. We focus on building support for what we see as the single most impactful solution to climate change — a national carbon fee and dividend – through direct advocacy to our elected representatives, but also by outreach to media, community influencers, and the public.

Our reach is vast, with over 190,000 volunteers and supporters around the world. Besides chapters in every U.S. state and Canadian province, we’ve also established active chapters in 44 countries from Australia to Zimbabwe.

Thousands of volunteers in the US meet with their representatives in the House and Senate asking them to support a carbon price. Similarly, in Canada hundreds of volunteers lobby for effective carbon pricing. Since 2010 we’ve held over 9,500 volunteer-led lobby meetings. This has driven the introduction of multiple carbon pricing bills in the U.S., 86 cosponsors for the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act in the 116th Congress, and the enactment of a national revenue-neutral carbon tax in Canada.

Over the last 11 years we’ve placed over 22,000 letters to the editor, op-eds, and articles in hundreds of newspapers, magazines, and online publications. We’ve held over 13,500 public events including presentations, panel discussions, and film screenings. All this work has led to over a thousand endorsements for the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, [1,2] legislation that we feel offers the best prospect of solving the climate crisis without undue burden on those least responsible for its impacts.

In a Nutshell:  CCL is a grassroots organization that empowers and trains American citizens to engage their elected leaders and create the political will to tackle climate change. We seek opportunities to solve the climate crisis while protecting the lives and livelihoods of those least responsible for its impacts.

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