We invite you to sign our

Influencer’s Letter to Congress

The Influencer’s Letter is your opportunity as a Community Leader to call on Congress to manage the risks of climate change.

We invite you to sign either:

Carbon Fee & Dividend Letter

Calling for Congress to support a market-based Carbon Fee & Dividend policy proposal, which many economists and scientists alike indicate is the fastest, most cost-effective approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

View the
Carbon Fee and Dividend letter

Climate Action Letter

Not sure if Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s Carbon Fee and Dividend policy is the right one? That’s fine! As a community influencer, your voice is still needed to call for Congressional action to acknowledge the serious threat and manage climate risks.

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Climate Action Letter


What do we do with the letter? What if I have privacy concerns?

Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers in your area are developing relationships with your members of Congress that are built on respect and appreciation. We are encouraging dialogue across the aisle to focus on climate change solutions.

Our work is magnified when a community leader like you joins this discussion. We will share your signature with members of Congress the next time CCL volunteers meet with them.

If you are concerned about privacy, you will be offered the option to indicate that this is a private signature. If marked private, we will ensure that your signature appears only on reports for our volunteers to take to members of Congress, and NOT with members in the community.

What is Citizens' Climate Lobby?

Learn more about Citizens’ Climate Lobby by watching this two-minute video.

Who can sign?

Every constituent is important to our members of Congress. However, the Influencer’s Letter is intended for individuals/organizations that are particularly influential in the community (e.g. large employers, business leaders, politicians, places of worship, opinion leaders).

If a CCL volunteer invited you here, they have identified you as a community leader and are seeking your support.

You can sign on either as an individual or on behalf of your organization.

What else can I do?

1. Write your members of Congress now!

2. Interested to lobby yourself? Join a CCL Info Session (held every Wednesday) to see if you’d like to volunteer directly with us!

3. Share the fun! Forward this page to fellow influencers who might wish to sign on as well!

4. Donate to Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Can a 501(c)(3) sign onto this letter?

While we cannot offer legal advice, in our opinion, YES! We base this upon excellent guidance here [PDF].

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