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Ukraine Graphics

Stand with Ukraine. Support clean energy.

Want to help Ukraine? Share the message that America needs to move to clean energy. Download graphics to share on social media, and order a yard sign, poster or stickers of our most popular designs.

Stand with Ukraine

Wind Power

Ride with Putin

Rosie the Riveter

About this campaign

This campaign was developed by Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a grassroots, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization focused on climate change solutions. Our supporters span the country.  We lobby Congress and the President in support of a transition to clean energy, and an economy-wide price on carbon. The events in Ukraine have highlighted another major risk of our fossil fuel dependence – energy security. We cannot drill our way out of Russian oil dependency.The clear path forward is a fast transition to affordable clean energy.


Responding to war requires actions both by governments and everyday people. For this campaign, we chose to work from World War II posters as they represent, for some, a time when people came together around a common effort to defend against a shared threat. In our updated versions, weapons become clean energy infrastructure – solar panels and wind turbines replacing torpedos and weaponry.


We updated one of the most iconic images from those times, Rosie the Riveter, to show that electrification can help us end fossil fuel dependency. In addition, like many before us, we updated Rosie to depict an African American woman, thousands of whom worked in the factories, offices, and shipyards during WWII but were unrepresented in the imagery of that time.


Please share widely and write the President and Congress in support of Ukraine and a clean energy future.