Cal your Senator about Build Back Better

The Senate is working on Build Back Better.

Tell them to stay strong on climate.

The Senate has unfinished business on climate change. The Build Back Better Act will help reduce America’s emissions 50% by 2030, and pave the way for an affordable transition to clean energy.

What should I ask for when I call?

Call your Democratic Senator to let them know that climate change is top priority in Build Back Better. Despite notable holdouts, many Senators have been climate champions. Your call will help them make the case for strong climate legislation to more reluctant colleagues.


We are only calling Democratic Senators because Republican Senators are not involved in Build Back Better discussions. If you have only Republican Senators, you can skip ahead to the next step: email the President.

More ways to help

Once you’ve called, get others to act

You only need to call once yourself. Then, share this page with any climate-concerned friends, family and coworkers. THIS IS OUR BEST CHANCE FOR MEANINGFUL CLIMATE ACTION IN 2022. 

Contact the White House

There’s more to do! Find the details at our take action page.

Frequently asked questions

Why is this moment so important?

Senate Democrats are ready to finish the work they’ve done on the Build Back Better Act so that it can be signed into law, and the policies can begin.  Because 2022 is an election year, it’s even more important that they finish it early in the year. 

Why do we need the climate provisions in Build Back Better?

Americans across the country are increasingly worried about climate change. Recent studies show that nearly 2/3rds of Americans believe that extreme weather poses a risk to their community in the next 10 years. Additionally, we are worried about electricity power outages that threaten our communities’ ability to withstand extreme weather.

Fossil fuels have always been subject to unpredictable price spikes. And, extreme weather disrupts production, making them increasingly unreliable sources of energy. The Build Back Better Act includes tax credits and other legislation that will speed up a transition to clean energy, and make it affordable for Americans.

Does Build Back Better include a price on carbon?

A price on carbon is not included in the House version of Build Back Better, but is still on the table in the Senate. We strongly support the inclusion of a price on carbon to meet the goal of reducing America’s emissions 50% by 2030. Find out more about why to put a price on carbon.

Is budget reconciliation the same thing as Build Back Better?

Budget reconciliation is a process where adjustments to spending and revenue can be made with 51 Senate votes instead of the full 60 votes. The rules of what can be included in a budget reconciliation are strict, and governed by a nonpartisan Senate parliamentarian. Build Back Better is the name of the bill that Congress plans to pass through budget reconciliation. It includes climate provisions and other legislation.