Citizens' Climate Lobby's Laser Talks

What are laser talks?

Just as a laser is powerful and focused, a laser talk is a brief but powerful statement on a specific topic. Reading our laser talks is a great way to get informed about CCL, Carbon Fee and Dividend, and related scientific, economic, and political issues.

The principal audience for our laser talks are legislators and their aides, but we also provide content aimed at other stakeholders and the general public. Laser talks are not meant to be memorized; they are meant to be internalized, so you can respond to questions that arise in your own words.

UPDATED SPECIAL NOTE: With the introduction of the 2019 Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, our laser talks have been brought up to speed, and new ones are being added to keep the information as fresh as possible. Watch for the new and updated tags on entries in the lists below. If you need a pre-update version or an old laser talk version that has been removed, you can obtain an archived copy from Rick Knight (gro.e1563210289tamil1563210289csnez1563210289itic@1563210289thgin1563210289k.kci1563210289r1563210289).

Climate Science

Laser talks in this section cover the science of global warming and its effects on our climate.


Laser talks in this section cover the impacts of climate policy.

Policy Design

Laser talks in this section cover details of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act and other climate-related policies.


Laser talks in this section cover energy technologies from a climate perspective.


Laser talks in this section cover the political challenges we need to understand to succeed.


Laser talks in this section cover international climate policy, carbon pricing, and border issues.

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