Appointment Setting Log – Choose District

Appointment Setting Log

For guidance on setting appointments visit the Take Action > Schedule a Meeting with Congress page.

If you have questions or need help please email Amy Bennett at gro.e1638923272tamil1638923272csnez1638923272itic@1638923272yma1638923272

Appointments for the November 2021 Virtual Lobby Days (November 15 – 19) can be made up until the end of the month.

We know some meetings get set very late so the appointment setting logs will not be closed until November 30th.

CCL will support you by walking you through the process with tips and reminders at each stage in the process.

Appointment Setting Log

Please choose a lobby event and a Congressional District/Organization and click Next.

Email address must match the email address for the Appointment Setter for this District/Organization in CCL's system. If you are having trouble please contact gro.e1638923272tamil1638923272csnez1638923272itic@1638923272yma1638923272 .