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Stone House Farm John Faso carbon farming agriculture upstate New York
Hosting effective site visits with your member of Congress

Site visits are like field trips: Members of Congress get out of their offices to see and hear firsthand what their constituents care about. Here's how to plan a successful one.

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CCL Austin Texas climate change
New Austin chapters empower more CCLers to lead

Earlier this year, Austin, Texas grew from having one CCL chapter to having five! Learn how it happened and how they coordinate their efforts.

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Dr. Barbara Love
Building bridges with Dr. Barbara Love

Dr. Barbara Love joined CCL’s October call to discuss strategies and tips for building relationships across race and cultural boundaries.

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Brad Fitch CMF 10 tips for talking to Congress
10 tips for meeting with Congress

Brad Fitch, deputy director of the Congressional Management Foundation, shares his advice for effective communication with Congress.

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Marshall Saunders July call CCL climate optimism
History and hope from CCL’s founder

CCL founder and president Marshall Saunders joined our July 2017 call to share CCL's history and a few words of optimism with all our volunteers.

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Transformational organizing CCL conference Hahrie Han header size
How to organize people and achieve your purpose

To engage people in a social movement, follow this organizing advice from Environmental Politics professor Hahrie Han, shared at CCL’s June conference.

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Hank Johnson meeting
Climate advocates can up their game with Motivational Interviewing

For climate advocates seeking a breakthrough with members of Congress, Motivational Interviewing can take the dialogue to the next level.

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phone call, GOP ethics proposal
Lessons from the GOP’s backtrack on ethics rules

In response to the proposed weakening of the Office of Congressional Ethics, constituents called their representatives in an outpouring of organic advocacy.

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Lobby training, Citizens' Climate Lobby
Lobby training builds people’s political power for 2017 and beyond

CCL's Washington, DC chapter hosted a lobby training session with two other local groups, all gearing up for a politically empowered new year.

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Sam Daley-Harris, Jay Butera, climate champion
3 steps to turn your congressman into a climate champion

Sam Daley-Harris and Jay Butera joined CCL's December 2016 call to explain the "champion scale," and how to move your representative all the way to the top.

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