Take Action this Election Season

This election season,
VOTE like the Earth depends on it 🗳

Now is your chance to make your voice heard on climate at a critical moment in politics. Lawmakers respond to the people who participate in our political system, and they’re paying extra attention during election season. With your help, we can make climate change a central issue in this year’s midterms — for every candidate of any party.


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Our free-to-use social media graphics, videos, webinars and media toolkit will help you spread the word this election season. You can also go the extra step with #ClimateVoter merchandise and materials from our Zazzle store.

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We love Earth Day. But our planet is too big for just one day. This October 22nd, we’re celebrating a second Earth Day to draw attention to the importance of the elections. Find and attend a local Earth Day: Election Edition event near you.

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8 million environmentalists did not vote in the last presidential election. CCL volunteers are working with Environmental Voter Project to change that. Sign up for phone and text banking to encourage environmentalists to vote.

Check your voter registration status

On November 8th, we’ll vote whether to seriously address climate change or put it off until the next big election. For many people and species, the latter is not an option. That’s why this November’s results are critical to the climate conversation.


Triple check to make sure you’re registered to vote on Election Day. Then rally the troops and make sure your friends, family and community members are registered, too.


Who is Citizens’ Climate Lobby?

Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan grassroots advocacy climate change organization that exists to create the political will for climate change solutions. Our goal this election season is to put climate front and center of every election and ensure every candidate has a climate plan, regardless of party affiliation.


As we push the climate issue this election season, we remain true to our value of nonpartisanship. Our democracy will be stronger, and more climate solutions will be within reach, when candidates from both parties adopt strong climate platforms.


We’re encouraging everyone seeking office to take this issue seriously and support meaningful solutions.