Employee Matching Gifts

Take advantage of employee matching gifts

Many workplaces offer employee matching gift programs to promote charitable giving among employees or retirees. Employee matching gifts are donations that an employer makes to a charitable organization to match its employees’ donations. Usually associated with corporate grantmakers, employee matching gifts are often dollar-for-dollar, but some will give double or even triple the original donation amount as a matching gift.

Some workplaces also reward their employees’ donated time by providing matching gifts to a charitable organization. For example, a company might match its employees’ volunteer time at $25/hour or provide a $250 stipend to an organization for every 15 hours that the employee volunteers.

Guidelines and amounts vary with each place of employment. Typically companies only provide matching gifts to 501(c)(3) tax-deductible organizations. This means that Citizens’ Climate Education is eligible, but Citizens’ Climate Lobby might not be. Citizens’ Climate Education’s EIN number is 26-2948811.

Employees typically need to submit a form to their place of employment in order to take advantage of the matching gift benefits. We encourage you to reach out to your human resources department for more information and thank you for taking the time to investigate this opportunity.

You may also email our Development Team or call our home office at 619-437-7142 for more information.

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