Monthly Calls and Speakers

Monthly Calls and Speakers

Monthly International Call

Every month we host an educational call for all of our supporters. During this time you’ll hear from a guest speaker, plus receive legislative and organizational updates from CCL staff.

Join us live on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 1pm ET for 1 hr. To join visit:

Missed the call? Recordings are available to watch on YouTube or listen to the podcast on PodBean or iTunes.

Upcoming Monthly Call Guest Speaker

September 10th: Hahrie Han, Johns Hopkins University

Photo of Dr. Hahrie Hahn giving a talk. Dr. Hahn is smiling, wearing a red dress, and gesturing emphatically.Our recent big win on climate legislation owes much to the grassroots organizing that CCL and others provided. More solutions will be needed to meet our climate goals — like a price on carbon! — which means more grassroots organizing. Joining us this month is CCL Advisory Board member Hahrie Han, who specializes in the transformational process that empowers volunteers to be effective advocates. Dr. Han is a Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University and the Inaugural Director of the SNF Agora Institute, which strengthens global democracy through powerful civic engagement and informed, inclusive dialogue. She is the author of several books, her most recent being Prisms of the People: Power & Organizing in Twenty-First-Century America.

Recent Speakers

August 13th: Bob Inglis, republicEn, and Princella Talley, OpEd Project

Headshot of Bob Inglis. Bob is clean-cut and wearing dark-rimmed glasses.Headshot of Princella Talley. Princella has big hair, a big smile, and is wearing a yellow turtleneck shirt.Expanding our outreach to include people from a variety of constituencies can strengthen our organization and improve our effectiveness as advocates. This month, we talk with Bob Inglis and Princella Talley about how they communicate with diverse audiences about climate change. Bob is a former Republican Congressman from South Carolina, and is now the Executive Director of republicEn, an organization empowering conservatives to advocate for market-based solutions to climate change. Princella is a Fellow at Large with the OpEd Project whose writing has been featured in numerous publications throughout the country. She previously worked for Citizens' Climate Education as a Development Coordinator and Diversity Outreach Coordinator.

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Featured Speakers

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