Monthly Speakers

Monthly Speakers

Monthly International Call

Every month we host an educational call for all of our supporters. During this time you’ll hear from a guest speaker, plus receive legislative and organizational updates from CCL staff.

Join us live on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 1pm ET for 1 hr. To join visit:

Upcoming Monthly Call Guest Speaker

April 8th: Kajsa Hendrickson, Future 500

Kajsa Hendrickson, Director, Fortune 500 - HeadshotThe work to preserve a livable world requires buy-in and participation from all sectors — civil society, government, business, science, academia. Finding common ground among these various sectors is essential to meet our climate goals, and so we talk this month with Kajsa Hendrickson, Director at Future 500, to learn more about stakeholder engagement and collaboration, particularly with the business community. Kajsa works directly to build bridges between groups at odds, or even in conflict, something she honed as a volunteer at CCL in San Diego. She currently collaborates with CCL coordinators, NGOs, and community representatives in the Southeast on a utility-stakeholder information exchange. Before joining Future 500, Kajsa worked on stakeholder engagement with the largest solar incentive program in the country, closing the gap between who has access to and who benefits from sustainable energy.

Recent Speakers

Rev. Mitchell Hescox, The Evangelical Environmental Network

In the quest to find common ground between Republicans and Democrats on climate solutions, communities of faith play an important role in bridging the partisan divide. The Evangelical Environmental Network, whose members are focused on caring for creation, is one of the organizations working in this advocacy space. This month, we hear from Rev. Mitch Hescox, President of EEN, about their efforts to educate and mobilize evangelical Christians to manifest a stable climate and a healthy, pollution-free world. Rev. Hescox, co-author of Caring for Creation: The Evangelical Guide To Climate Change and a Healthy Environment, serves as a member of the National Association of Evangelicals’ Board of Directors and EPA’s Clean Air Act Advisory Committee.

Featured Speakers

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