Climate Change Podcast

Climate Change Podcast

Citizens' Climate Radio is a climate change podcast hosted by staff member and volunteer Peterson Toscano. In each episode, we meet with people from all walks of life to discuss the effects of the climate change crisis, its issues, and the importance of taking global action.

High schooler Anna Xies stands in front of a snow capped mountain.
Episode 82: Are Lobbyists Bad? 

Peterson Toscano and Ruth Abraham ask four high schooler about the secret world of teenage lobbying. We asked, “Are lobbyists evil?” 

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Lilace Melin Guinard, wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans with grey hair and glasses, sits on a park bench and looks down at the cover of her memoir "When Everything Beyond the Walls is Wild: Being a Woman Outdoors in America."
Episode 81: Women in Wild Places 

In this episode, we meet two women so compelled by their wilderness experiences that they published books about them.

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Citizens' Climate Radio Episode 80: Unleashing Our Imaginations for Climate Solutions
Episode 80: Unleashing Our Imaginations for Climate Change Solutions 

As climate advocates, we need to articulate what it is that we are fighting for, and engaging our imagination is essential to inspire others. 

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CCR Ep. 79
Episode 79: How to Tell a Climate Change Solution Story

In this episode, host Peterson Toscano looks at climate stories that reveal the impacts of climate solutions.

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Dr. Natasha DeJarnett
Episode 78: What is an Effective Climate Change Story? 

In this episode of Citizens’ Climate Radio, host Peterson Toscano considers stories that focus on the impacts of climate change.

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Julio Cochoy, Guatemala, travel, climate
Episode 77: Bearing Witness and Speaking Up with Julio Cochoy & Anne Therese Gennari

On this month’s episode, host Peterson Toscano sits down with Julio Cochoy, a Guatemala native who grew up in the scenic Highlands region.

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Laureline Smith, portrait of Laureline, resiliency, climate workers
Episode 76: Building Personal Resilience in Your Climate Work

Laureline Smith has been working on climate change education, mitigation, and adaptation at the international level for over 15 years.

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photo of Adrian Rafizadeh giving a talk
Episode 75: Adrian Rafizadeh, Young Conservative Pursuing Climate Solutions

Adrian Rafizadeh is a young conservative; he’s also motivated to connect with fellow young conservatives about climate change.

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LGBT and climate change
Episode 74: LGBTQ+ and Climate Change

Speaking with five different guests, Peterson explores how climate change and extreme weather affects the LGBTQ+ community.

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Citizens’ Climate Radio Ep. 73: Beginnings & Transformations
Episode 73: Beginnings & Transformations

On the sixth anniversary of Citizens’ Climate Radio, hear past highlights from Marshall Saunders, founder of CCL, and Mark Reynolds.

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