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Climate Change Podcast

Climate Change Podcast

Citizens' Climate Radio is a climate change podcast hosted by staff member and volunteer Peterson Toscano. In each episode, we meet with people from all walks of life to discuss the effects of the climate crisis and the importance of taking climate action.

Episode 93: What is Your Climate Change Role? 

In this month’s episode, writer and activist Eileen Flanagan dives into four different roles people take in change movements.

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Episode 92: There’s Something Funny about Climate Change

This episode highlights the unique perspective of a climate change comedian, as well as empowering tales of youth activism at COP28.

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A white woman with long brown hair shouts cheerfully into a megaphone. The background is blurry but appears to be a city street.
Episode 91: Good News

In this episode, Lily Russian, Karina Taylee, Horace Mo, and Peterson Toscano share good climate news stories.

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A man and a young child riding a log raft on the Susquehanna River
Episode 90: The Impact of Forests in Our Climate Change Fight

With six guests, this episode explores the role forests play in addressing the causes and impacts of climate change.

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Episode 89: The Best New Climate Change Books and Podcasts

This episode of Citizens' Climate Radio features books and podcasts related to climate advocacy, including conversations with the creators.

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Woman posing with an animal holding a sign.
Episode 88: The College Carbon Fee and Dividend Climate Change Movement

Young activists talk about their dedication to spreading awareness about the carbon fee and dividend as an effective and equitable solution

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A woman stands on an urban street with a bike rack, buildings, and trees behind her. She is smiling. She has brown skin, long dark hair, and is wearing a yellow floral dress.
Episode 87: TikTok, Daryl Hannah, and Barbie Take on Climate Change

In this episode, we're diving into the creative and innovative ways TikTok creators are reaching the public about climate change.

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Episode 86: Harnessing Local Political Power for Climate Change Solutions

This episode features Brandi Robinson and Dr. Peter Buck, who co-direct the Centre Region Climate Action Program.

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Nokwanda Maseko
Episode 85: Economics, Justice, and Carbon Price Solutions 

For this episode of Citizens' Climate Radio, interns Ruth Abraham and Lila Powell take a deep dive into the world of carbon pricing.

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Kyle Meyaard Schaap discusses the Bible's message on climate change