Legacy Gifts

Leaving your climate legacy

Whether you’ve been with Citizens’ Climate Lobby for twelve years or you’ve just gone to your first meeting, your passion and commitment to effective climate solutions creates an impactful legacy, and we thank you for that.

If you decide to leave a legacy gift, you’re joining the Citizens’ Climate Legacy Club, a core group of supporters who are extending that passion to a sustainable future for generations to come. There are several gift arrangements to choose from, all of which allow you to provide for your family while supporting the work of Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) and Citizens’ Climate Education Corp. (CCE).

Remember us in your will

Structure your will to provide for your family first. Then include a gift to CCL or CCE. It only takes a few simple sentences and a meeting with an estate planning attorney to make this happen.

Download sample bequest language

CCE Bequest Sample CCL Bequest Sample

CCL and CCE accept the following types of gifts:

  • Charitable bequests in a personal will
  • Designation as a beneficiary of a retirement plan
  • Designation as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy
  • Publicly traded stocks
  • US Treasury bonds
  • Municipal bonds
  • US open-end and closed-end mutual funds

CCE accepts the following types of gifts with the assistance of a third party foundation:

  • Closely held stocks
  • Closely held bonds
  • Real estate

CCL and CCE do NOT accept the following types of gifts:

  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Charitable lead trusts
  • Charitable annuities

Give retirement plan assets

Consider making CCL or CCE a beneficiary of your retirement plan assets. This option would allow you to support our climate work while also providing for your loved ones. Furthermore, there can be significant tax advantages to donating retirement assets to as part of an estate plan. When done properly, charitable donations of retirement assets can minimize the amount of income taxes on both your individual heirs and your estate. To designate CCL or CCE as a beneficiary of your retirement plan assets, contact your employer or plan administrator.

Use life insurance to make a gift

There are several easy ways you can use life insurance to leave a climate legacy to CCL or CCE:

  • Designate CCL or CCE as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy by contacting your policy provider.
  • Purchase a charitable rider on your life insurance policy, which will not decrease the face value of the life insurance policy payout, and will donate an additional 1-2% of the policy to the organization of your choice.
  • Purchase a policy donation to leave the entire policy to CCL or CCE. If you give to CCE, every premium payment on the policy will then be considered a tax-deductible gift.

Should I give to Citizens’ Climate Lobby or Citizens’ Climate Education Corp.?

This decision is best made in consultation with your attorney or financial planner to ensure that you are maximizing the tax benefits associated with charitable bequests. For most individuals, there will be no need to claim a tax deduction because the federal estate tax does not take effect on estates below $11.4 million. In the cases where this decision has little or no impact on your heirs’ tax benefits, we respectfully request a preference for Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Let us know of your gift

It is helpful to us if you are willing to share a copy of the applicable sections of your will, retirement, or insurance policy. This way we will be able to alert you if any of the details in our name, address or tax ID numbers are incorrect, which could prohibit successful implementation of your legacy gift.

We will treat this notification with the utmost confidentiality. Unless you explicitly state that you’re open to it, we will not make any public announcement of your gift out of respect for your privacy.

Please send a copy of the applicable sections of your will, retirement, or insurance policy to our Development Team via email or mail it to our home office at 1330 Orange Ave., #309, Coronado, CA 92118.

Contact us

For more information, please email our Development Team or call our home office at 619-437-7142.

*All estate planning decisions should be made with the assistance of an attorney and/or financial planner. Though we are here to help you learn more about your options, Citizens’ Climate Lobby and Citizens’ Climate Education Corp. cannot provide legal advice about the best way for you to give.

Board-approved legacy giving policies:

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