Financials and Annual Report

Financial Information


When it began in 2007, the great majority of Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s (CCL) funding was provided by founder Marshall Saunders, who has continued to provide an average of approximately 70% of the organization’s revenue. The other critical stream of CCL support comes from generous monthly donors, who give an average of $360 per year and who have helped place the organization on a broader financial footing.

It is our policy to decline all donations from fossil fuel companies.

CCL Budget

The volunteer-driven 501(c)(4) CCL has an annual budget of approximately $625,000. Our primary expenses include two annual conferences in Washington, D.C., a physical D.C. office, a congressional briefings series, and all salary and support for two directors of governmental affairs, who complement the efforts of CCL volunteers through a year-round presence on Capitol Hill.

The budget of CCL’s sister 501(c)(3) training and empowerment organization, Citizens’ Climate Education, is substantially higher. Financial details for Citizens’ Climate Education can be found on the linked page.

Administrative costs for CCL are a low 9% of expenses, with fundraising accounting for an additional 7%.

Guidestar Gold Status

CCL Guide StarCCL’s commitment to transparency is reflected by its Guidestar Gold status, and by the public accessibility of its form 990s (below). (Note: Recognition from Charity Navigator requires a longer record of full-form 990s than CCL, which filed using form 990EZ for its first several years, yet possesses; we will be able to apply for Charity Navigator review in 2019).


Financial Documents

Form 990

Independent Audits

501(c)(4) Tax Exempt Letter


Annual Report

The Citizens’ Climate Annual Report highlights the work of sister organizations, Citizens’ Climate Education (CCE) and Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL). Detailing CCE’s volunteer accomplishments and CCL’s legislative victories, this report provides a yearly snapshot of how we are advancing effective, bipartisan climate solutions.

2018 Annual Report (View) (Download)

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