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Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s Governing Board

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Zaurie Zimmerman M.Arch (Board Chair)

Headshot of Zaurie ZimmermanZaurie is an architect and businesswoman from Kentucky. Her passion for a low-carbon future started early, focusing on renewable energy in the built environment. In the 1980’s she co-authored a book on passive solar design and land development. In the 1990’s she founded a Boston-based design and construction management business that has prioritized energy-conservation and renewable energy strategies, from geothermal to net zero, for hundreds of millions of dollars of institutional real estate projects. In the 2000’s, she also became the CEO of a Kentucky-based manufacturing business. But decades of client and customer financial resistance to climate-friendly initiatives made the need for policy support crystal clear. She made a firm commitment to legislative advocacy once she became aware of market-based solutions.

Since 2013, Zaurie has used her conservative perspective to expand business and right of center support for CCL’s preferred policy solution and bipartisan approach, at both the state and federal levels. She serves CCL as a Conservative Caucus Executive Team Member, Florida Conservative State Lead, and Massachusetts Group Leader, and has served as Kentucky State Coordinator and Congressional Liaison in Massachusetts and Kentucky.

Zaurie also draws on her building industry experience as a partner in the Clean Energy Venture Group through investment in early stage clean energy and climatetech companies. She holds B.S. and M. Arch. degrees from MIT. Kayaking and birding keep her connected to the world she is committed to preserving.

Ross Astoria, J.D./Ph.D

Governing Board Member Ross AstoriaProfessor Ross Astoria teaches law and policy at the University of Wisconsin, Parkside, where his colleagues recently recognized him with an outstanding research award for his work on H.R. 763. Ross studies and publishes on the interaction of carbon pricing with utility law, trade law, and the Clean Air Act. Ross has served as a CCL group leader and a CCL liaison and, as chair, is proud to work with CCL volunteers to create the political will for a livable world.

Piper Christian (Secretary)

Piper ChristianPiper Christian is a Freshman at the University of Utah. She has volunteered for Citizens Climate Lobby since her sophomore year in high school. In 2018, Piper worked with CCL volunteers and students to pass a resolution through the Utah State Legislature which recognized the impacts of climate change and encouraged emissions reductions.

As an advocate of youth engagement in environmental causes, she has spoken on youth panels at Citizens’ Climate Lobby regional and national conferences, organized Utah’s first youth environmental summit in 2017, and gave a TEDx talk on climate change communication in 2016. When she is not volunteering with CCL, Piper enjoys backpacking and cross country skiing with her friends and family.

Jerry Hinkle M.A.

Jerry HinkleJerry has given public presentations on climate change since 2001, been lobbying Congress for market-based climate solutions since 2006, and been a leader with CCL since 2011. He started what is now CCL’s Presenters Action Team and the Economics and Science Policy Network Action Teams. He was the Northern California Coordinator for 6 years, has served on CCL’s Governing Board for the last 4 years, and as our staff Economic Research Coordinator for 3 years.

Jerry holds MA degrees in both Economics and in Climate Policy and has published several articles in these areas.

He is committed to leaving a sustainable world for his two amazing daughters.

Natalie Orozco Ed.M

Headshot of Natalie OrozcoNatalie Orozco is a policy and program consultant who evaluates national programs and provides strategic consulting to foundations, government agencies, and fortune 500 high-tech companies. She provides leaders with accessible ways to make data-driven and emotionally intelligent decisions.

She joined CCL in the summer of 2019, and co-founded the Alameda chapter’s youth engagement team. Natalie embodies Earth Wisdom, a spiritual practice maintained by indigenous people to support us in living in a connected relationship with the Earth and all her children. This is wisdom her ancestors carried and it’s wisdom Natalie is devoted to reclaiming. She holds a B.A. from the University of California, Santa Cruz and an Ed.M. from Harvard University. She lives in Oakland, California, loves to hike, create beauty, and advocate for our planet and underrepresented communities.

Mary Selkirk M.P.H. (Chair of Nominating Committee and Treasurer)

Mary SelkirkMary Selkirk is a retired collaborative environmental policy specialist who has designed, facilitated and mediated natural resources projects throughout California. Before joining the Center for Collaborative Policy as Managing Senior Mediator in 2000, Mary was special assistant to the Executive Director of the CALFED Bay-Delta Program, and served on the Federal-state Bay Delta Advisory Council from 1995-1997. She now chairs the board of Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAGE).

Prior to her career in environmental policy mediation, Mary had a 25-year career as a psychologist and organizational development consultant. She lives in Kensington, California with her husband.

Since the early 1970’s Mary has kayaked or rafted many of the major whitewater rivers in the western United States. She and Lee have also run rivers in Alaska, West Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, and New Zealand.