Monthly Meetings and Actions

The Monthly Meeting

Volunteers around the world gather locally each month for our group meetings to do four things:


We hear from a guest speaker on a different aspect of global warming science, politics, or policy.

Current and previous speakers


Celebrate our success, including growth, legislative progress, and published media from across the world.



We build on our knowledge and our ability to communicate it persuasively by practicing laser talks.

Laser Talks


Each month CCL provides coordinated actions for each chapter that build political will for a livable world.

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Current Actions for Citizens’ Climate Lobby Volunteers

Ask Representatives to join Climate Caucus

One of our chief strategies this year toward introducing legislation for a revenue-neutral carbon fee is to bolster the ranks of the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus. Although the caucus lost four Republicans from the previous Congress through retirements and election losses, they were quickly replaced in the first three weeks of the 115th Congress. More Republicans are in the pipeline, and if their colleagues hear from their constituents, more will join, eventually reaching the critical mass necessary to draft and introduce bipartisan legislation.

At your meeting this month, we suggest your members write to their representatives and request that they join the Climate Solutions Caucus. If your member is a Democrat, ask your member of Congress to invite a Republican colleague to join as well. It is important that you only write encouraging your member of Congress to join the caucus and NOT include in this email your desire for them to support carbon fee and dividend legislation. You can always do that in a separate communication.


Is your member of Congress a member of the Climate Solutions Caucus?

No. Send your message using our online tool

Yes. Write to thank them using this online tool

Start making plans for Earth Day

Earth Day, April 22, provides a great opportunity for community outreach and to generate media. With two months until the big day, now is the time to start planning the actions your group will take to seize this opportunity.

Outreach options:

  • Tabling at events: Ask someone in your group to research Earth Day events happening in your community and find out what is necessary to secure a table at those events. These tabling events are great for collecting constituent comments to deliver to members of Congress.
  • Presentations: This is a good time to ask faith communities and other groups if you can do an introductory presentation about CCL and ways that people can generate political will for national climate policies.
  • Climate Advocate Training: Create your own special Earth Day event for citizens to learn how to be effective advocates for climate solutions.

Media options:

  • Meet with editorial board: We will have an Earth Day media packet to pitch to editorial writers, and those pitches are best made in meetings with editorial boards. The ultimate goal is to get a newspaper endorsement of CCL’s policy. Assign someone in your group to request a meeting to take place one week before Earth Day.
  • Submit an op-ed: This is an opportune time to submit an op-ed that the newspaper can publish on Earth Day. Assign a member of your group to start drafting.
  • Letters to the editor: Submit LTEs in the week leading up to Earth Day. Who will be on your letter writing team?
  • Radio interviews: Make a list of news/talk shows that may interview someone from your group on Earth Day.


All resources discussed below can be found on CCL Community’s Resources page.

  • For tabling and public speaking resources click on the “Grassroots Outreach” submenu.
  • For media resources for letters to the editor, op-eds and editorial board meetings click on the “Media Resources” submenu.
  • For resources for Climate Advocate Training click on the “Chapter Resources” submenu. Talk to your state or regional coordinator for help with finding a trained presenter for this workshop.

Download this month’s action sheet to find this month’s laser talk skills practice.