CCL applauds continued commitment to climate, pushes for more ambition

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Jan. 28, 2022 – As the Build Back Better Act continues to evolve, Citizens’ Climate Lobby appreciates lawmakers’ and the President’s ongoing commitment to climate.

President Biden said in his press conference last week, “It’s clear that we would be able to get support for the $500 billion-plus for energy and the environmental issues that are there.” Climate hawk Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) reiterated, “Democrats have broad agreement on provisions to address our climate crisis […] So let’s start there.”

As an organization with 195,000 supporters concerned about climate change, we are grateful to see this issue remain a high priority in this new phase of the negotiations. Climate change continues to advance, and Americans are more worried than ever, so it’s critical that our elected officials stay committed to solving the problem.

We are also encouraged to see signs of this commitment across the political spectrum. Moderate Democratic Senator Jon Tester from Montana said last week, “I just came off the worst year ever on my farm. We need to do something on climate change.” Republican Senator Mitt Romney told the New York Times, “If you’re serious about climate, put a price on carbon.” 

Citizens’ Climate Lobby supporters are actively contacting the White House and Senate offices in support of the climate components of the Build Back Better Act. Our supporters are also urging them to include a carbon fee and dividend policy to ensure that America meets the goal of cutting emissions 50% by 2030. 

In the first few weeks of 2022, we have generated 16,819 calls and emails urging President Biden and Senators to deliver the major climate solutions we need. 

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