Episode 16: Pursuing Climate Justice

Peggy Sheppard and Beverly Ward Citizens Climate Radio

Guests Peggy Sheppard (L) and Dr. Beverly Ward (R) discuss climate justice on this episode of Citizens’ Climate Radio.

Citizens’ Climate Radio is a monthly podcast hosted by CCL volunteer Peterson Toscano. Browse all our past episodes here, and check out the latest episode in the post below.

What do people of color concerned about climate change and environmental impacts to their communities want white climate advocates to know? What roles do climate organizations with mostly white members play in environmental justice work? How do you define “the environment,” and what is climate justice?

In this new episode of Citizens’ Climate Radio, host Peterson Toscano takes on a big story. Bigger than any single extreme weather event, he and his guests explore the topics of environmental justice and climate justice. They look at how injustice in society, particularly in the U.S., deepens suffering during a time of climate change. Peggy Sheppard, the co-founder and executive director of WE ACT For Environmental Justice and Dr. Beverly G Ward, Field Director for Earthcare for the Southeastern Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, talk about their work pursuing environmental and climate justice.



Art House/Puzzler

Peterson did not want to rush the conversations with this month’s guests, so he did not include an Art House segment or a new puzzler in this episode. He will share the answers from last month’s puzzler in next month’s episode. You still have time to send in your answers to the most recent puzzler:

You are chatting with an acquaintance—let’s call him Larry. Somehow you get to talking about windmills and the rapid advances in renewable technology. Larry is sympathetic but bothered by something. He says to you, “Yeah, I understand that these windmills can help to get us off of coal and gas, but they look so ugly! I hate how they are destroying the countryside.” What would you say to Larry? Try to think of something that will open up the conversation and get him to better understand climate change.

Send in your answers by October 15, 2017 along with your name, contact info, and where you are from. You can email your answers to radio (at) citizensclimate.org or leave a voice memo of 3 minutes or less at 570-483-8194 (+1 if calling from outside the USA).

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