Episode 80: Unleashing Our Imaginations for Climate Change Solutions 



“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” – Albert Einstein

As climate advocates, we need to articulate what it is that we are fighting for. What is the world we want to create? Engaging our imagination is essential to stir up the kind of hope and excitement that inspires others to action. 

In this episode of Citizens’ Climate Radio, three guests join us to help unleash our imagination potential:

These three guests conduct a thought experiment: Can you imagine a world without fossil fuels? What will it look, smell, sound, and feel like? 

You will also hear three new voices who have joined the Citizens Climate Radio team. Ruth Abraham, Lila Powell, and Zach Torpie are each recent college graduates. They share their reactions and responses to what Sean and Hannah have to say about engaging our imaginations in our climate change work. 

You can imagine this, too! Share your answers with host Peterson Toscano. Leave a voicemail at 518.595.9414. (+1 if calling from outside the USA.) You can email your answers to radio @ citizensclimate.org

Dig Deeper

Resilience Corner

Once we are able to notice, accept and get help where we need it, we are more able to take action in ways that support our well-being.  This brings us to our focus today on the next step: practice.

Tamara Staton is the Education and Resilience Coordinator for Citizens’ Climate Education, and in this installment of the Resilience Corner, she helps us to ask for the help we need.  

Get more tips and resources by visiting The Resiliency Hub

Women in the Wild

If you are a woman who has spent time alone camping, hiking, or in nature, the Citizens’ Climate Radio team would like to hear from you. What was that experience like? What insights and advice do you have for women who want to explore natural places alone? If you have something to say, email us radio @ citizensclimate.org. 

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