Inflation Reduction Act

Polluters pay. People get a carbon cashback. 💰

Who says it doesn’t pay to address climate change?

Why is a carbon cashback good for Americans?

With a carbon cashback, corporate polluters pay a fee on their carbon pollution for the damage they do to our environment. The money collected is sent directly back to Americans in the form of a monthly payment that we can use however we choose. It’s a fair way to get polluters to eliminate their carbon pollution, and it doesn’t cost the government additional money.


Would you like to see carbon cashback passed into law? Join Citizens’ Climate Lobby. We support effective climate solutions that ensure that Americans with the greatest financial need maintain their standard of living.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Carbon cashback helps low- and middle-income people

A carbon cashback helps low and middle income people afford higher prices as America transitions to a clean energy economy. With carbon cashback, the majority of low and middle income people will break even or come out financially ahead.


🩺 Improves public health

A carbon cashback will keep Americans healthier and living longer by reducing the air pollution Americans breathe. It will save up to 90,000 lives each year lost to air pollution.


🌎 Supports a healthy climate

A carbon cashback will help us reduce America’s carbon pollution 50% by 2030—putting us on track to reach net zero by 2050.

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