Ask Your Representative for a Price on Carbon

The Senate heard us.

Now let’s bring it home to the House.

Will you contact your Representative about carbon pricing?   We sent 50K+ messages to Senators over the last 3 weeks asking them to go big on climate and price carbon by this Fall. Now, the House of Representatives is starting discussions about climate change. Will you:

  1. Email your Rep
  2. Then, call that same Rep
  3. Tell your friends and family

What to say

Democrat Reps:

Ask them to put a price on carbon in this year’s budget reconciliation when it arrives in the House. They’ll know what you mean. (You can check out our FAQ below for more details about this request.)

Republican Reps:

Your Representative isn’t in the majority, but they can still influence the budget. Ask them to do something big for climate this summer, and support a price on carbon.

More ways to help

Once you’ve written and called, get others to act

You only need to write and call once yourself. Then, share this page with any climate-concerned friends, family and coworkers. THIS IS OUR FIRST CHANCE FOR MEANINGFUL CLIMATE ACTION THAT CAN’T BE BLOCKED BY THE FILIBUSTER. They’ll want to take their shot to solve climate change, too.

Contact your senators if you haven’t already

It’s not too late to tell your Senators you want a price on carbon. Check out our Senate page.

Frequently asked questions

Why is this moment so important?

Democrats are signaling that they are focused on climate change right now as part of this year’s budget reconciliation. We can reach them when they are listening.

Why do we need a price on carbon?

An economy-wide price on carbon will reduce America’s carbon pollution really fast. We need to price carbon if we want to hit the Biden Administration’s goal of 50% emissions reductions in the next decade. It has to be part of any serious climate solutions. Find out more about why to put a price on carbon.

How many calls make a difference?

It depends. But, in most cases, 50-100 calls on a single topic over the span of a week or two can really make a difference. The important thing is that Representatives from across the country are hearing the same thing.

Do I really need to call AND email?

If you can, yes. Just get started by clicking ‘email and call my Representative’ button, and it will take you through emailing first, and then calling. Calls add extra attention because staffers notice when the phones are ringing. It might seem intimidating to call your Rep. But staffers are usually really nice and very professional. You’ll be on the line for just a short time. If you really can’t swing a phone call, you can just send an email.

I’ve already emailed, is there a way for me to only make a phone call?

To skip the email step and go straight to the calling tool, visit this page:

What is budget reconciliation, anyway?

Budget reconciliation is a process where adjustments to spending and revenue can be made with 51 Senate votes instead of the full 60 votes. Since the House passes legislation with a simple majority anyway, it doesn’t have as much impact in the House. The rules of what can be included in a budget reconciliation are strict, and governed by a nonpartisan parliamentarian.

What does a price on carbon have to do with budget reconciliation?

Congressional Democrats have already indicated that they plan to address climate change in this year’s budget reconciliation. Because a price on carbon meets the strict requirements of a budget reconciliation, Congress can and should include one.

Why do I need a Prefix to my name in order to email my Rep?

Members of Congress require a prefix for emails that are sent to their office. We acknowledge that the prefixes provided do not encompass all gender identities. Unfortunately it is Congress that sets these prefixes and so we are required to use the ones that are currently accepted by the majority of offices.