Ask Your Senator about a Price on Carbon

We could have a price on carbon THIS FALL.

But we need your help.

We’ve been working for years for this moment in the U.S. Senate. Your Senators are, right now, deciding what to do about climate change. In a nutshell: they can go big or they can stay small. Email them to tell them to go big with a price on carbon.

What should I ask for when I email?

Blue and purple states:

Ask your Senators to put a price on carbon in this year’s budget reconciliation. They’ll know what you mean. (You can check out our FAQ for more details about this request.)

Red states:

Your Senators aren’t in the majority, but they can still influence the budget. Plenty of Republicans support putting a price on carbon because it boosts businesses while addressing climate change. Ask them to support a price on carbon this fall.

More ways to help

Once you’ve emailed, get others to act

You only need to email once yourself. Then, share this page with any climate-concerned friends, family and coworkers. THIS IS OUR FIRST CHANCE FOR MEANINGFUL CLIMATE ACTION THAT CAN’T BE BLOCKED BY THE FILIBUSTER. They’ll want to take their shot to solve climate change, too.

Contact your Representative and the White House

There’s more to do! Fid the details at our take action page.

Frequently asked questions

Why is this moment so important?

Senate Democrats are signaling that they are focused on climate change right now. We want to reach them when we know they’ll be listening.

Why do we need a price on carbon?

An economy-wide price on carbon will reduce America’s carbon pollution really fast. We need to price carbon if we want to hit the Biden Administration’s goal of 50% emissions reductions in the next decade. It has to be part of any serious climate solutions. Find out more about why to put a price on carbon.

What is budget reconciliation, anyway?

Budget reconciliation is a process where adjustments to spending and revenue can be made with 51 Senate votes instead of the full 60 votes. The rules of what can be included in a budget reconciliation are strict, and governed by a nonpartisan Senate parliamentarian.

What does a price on carbon have to do with budget reconciliation?

Senate Democrats have already indicated that they plan to address climate change in this year’s budget reconciliation. Because a price on carbon meets the strict requirements of a budget reconciliation, the Senate can and should include one.