Year End Appeal 2019

Help us ensure a livable planet

In a country so deeply split between left and right, it’s a radical idea to suggest that people can work together to solve big problems like climate change. But that’s exactly what we’re doing.

As one of the only grassroots organizations focused on bipartisan climate action, we know that Republicans and Democrats can and will work together to solve climate change. We recognize that bipartisan consensus is the only way to achieve lasting solutions, and we’re leading the way!

Will you help us make impactful climate solutions a reality in Congress by making a tax-deductible year-end donation to Citizens’ Climate Education?

Citizens’ Climate Education (CCE) is the tax-deductible, sister organization to Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL). CCE provides educational resources to help volunteers become effective climate advocates, while CCL supports lobbying efforts.

Each year we rely on individuals from across the country to invest in our climate advocacy work, ensuring our volunteers have the robust support they need to be successful. This year, our goal is to raise $100,000 on Giving Tuesday and $500,000 in total by December 31. By making a gift to Citizens’ Climate Education, you’re joining a community of bold supporters committed to solving climate change and making history.

What others are giving

Other ways to give

Other ways to financially support our work include:  

  1. Donate to Citizens’ Climate Lobby (donations are not tax-deductible)
  2. Make a gift of stock 
  3. Make a Qualified Charitable Distribution
  4. Become a Climate Legacy Club member
  5. Amplify your support through employee matching gifts

Or make a one-time or monthly donation to CCE

Donations to Citizens’ Climate Education are tax deductible.

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