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“If the political will of the people is asleep at the wheel, then the political will of government is likely to be asleep at the wheel.”Sam Daley-Harris Founder, President RESULTS

Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is a 7-year old, nonprofit, grassroots volunteer organization focused exclusively on passing a revenue-neutral carbon fee and dividend (CFD) to address climate change. CCL provides its members with tool kits for direct lobbying of local and national elected representatives and their staffs; conducts monthly actions and conference calls with experts to expand members’ personal political power; trains them in placement of public comments in print media and in building relationships with editorial boards, and organizes at a grass-roots level to build consensus. CCL empowers individuals to find their voice in the climate debate.

Last year, CCL volunteers conducted 710 meetings with federal legislators. The June, 2014 annual meeting in Washington drew over 600 volunteers who met with 508 Congressional offices over a 3-day period, respectfully listening to their concerns and discussing new economic modeling showing a stimulus effect of a national CFD when 100% of the revenue is returned to households. In 2013, volunteers published 1270 Letters to the Editor and numerous op-eds, reaching an estimated 20 million people, with double that rate this year. CCL met with 46 editorial boards in 2013, resulting in 41 favorable editorials. CCL also engages economists, military leaders and both progressive and conservative think tanks, as well as faith community leaders.

CCL is growing rapidly. Support doubled last year to over 6,000 members in 188 chapters (+ 99 more in formation) covering 329 Congressional districts in 48 states and Canada (June, 2014). CCL aims to have members in all 435 Congressional districts by the end of 2014. New groups are starting in 11 other countries.

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