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  • CCL at COP21, Day 3: An American (climate scientist) in Paris

    […] important that Earth’s climate system will tolerate our spewing garbage into it and not just spit us out and kick us off this lovely island. On the second evening of COP21, Dr. Hansen spoke to a packed room at Place 2 B, a lively hostel near the bustling Gard du Nord with a basement meeting space and bar, more likely […]
  • Public opinion supports Paris Agreement, emissions regulation

    […] serious climate action. A few highlights from the report, which was conducted after Trump’s election: 69% of registered voters say the U.S. should participate in the Paris Agreement adopted at COP21 last year. 70% of registered voters support emissions limits on coal-fired power plants, to reduce global warming and improve public health Registered voters are also concerned about the impacts […]
  • What happens when students get climate education

    By Davia Rivka Against all odds, sixteen year old Piper Christian went to COP21 in Paris last December hoping to weigh in on the climate talks. Piper, who is president of her high school’s environmental club in Logan, Utah, knows a thing or two about how humans are causing climate change. She also knows that young people, whose lives hang […]
  • How one CCL chapter picked up a co-sponsor on the Republican climate resolution

    By Andrew Beahrs With the COP21 talks in Paris having concluded with an agreement that even the most enthusiastic proponents view as only a first, necessary step toward a clean energy future, it’s a great time for a closer look at how CCL volunteers continue building political will for climate action right here at home. Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) A terrific […]
  • Wild West CCL groups inspire each other on climate change action

    […] couldn’t stretch any bigger, there was Piper Christian. Talk about leapfrogging. Talk about hoisting one another up. Talk about re-imagining what’s possible. Piper is sixteen. She just got back from COP21. Even though she didn’t have a solid game plan, she just knew that she had to be there. On day one, she called home frustrated and disillusioned, “I’m completely […]