Episode 26: In Deep Water

Edgar Westerhof and Elizabeth Rush

Edgar Westerhof and Elizabeth Rush

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Superstorm Sandy shocked the New York Metropolitan area in 2012. By some freak coincidence, right before this epic storm hit, Edgar Westerhof moved to New York City from the Netherlands. Not only does he come from a country that knows a lot about flooding, but Edgar is also an expert in integrated urban water management.

Since Sandy, Edgar has become the National Director for Flood Risk and Resiliency for Arcadis North America. In this episode, he talks about his experiences with Sandy and how this devastating storm could have been even worse. What role does cultural identity have in developing a relationship with the sea? Peterson also checks in with his friend Julia Wallace, who experienced the storm and lived without power in NYC for five days.



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Author Elizabeth Rush reads from her new book, “Rising: Dispatches from the New American Shore.” She traveled to U.S. coastal communities to hear from residents about sea level rise. The encroaching waters threaten these communities, but the crisis is also waking people up to the growing risks of climate change.


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