Citizens' Climate Lobby Chapter

Corrales-West Side

Welcome to The Village of Corrales Chapter of Citizens' Climate Lobby., New Mexico
CCL Corrales. Working together to fight climate change and to protect the natural beauty of our Village and our World. Photo credit: Adeline DeYoung.
About Our Chapter
Corrales is a rural village just north of Albuquerque.  Corralenos pride themselves on their connection to the land and their commitment to preserving the Village's rural character and maintaining it for generations to come.  Part of that commitment has long been demonstrated by the activism of Corralenos on behalf of the environment; as individuals, as families, and as a community.

Through the Corrales Chapter of Citizens' Climate Lobby, Corralenos can now come together as trained and informed citizen lobbyists working with their neighbors to create the political will for a livable world.

Join our dedicated group of citizen activists as we work to create the political climate necessary to pass meaningful legislative action that will address the impacts of global warming and change our world.  We are shaping the conversation in Washington on climate change.  It's an exciting time to get involved.

Monthly meetings are held on the second saturday of each month beginning at 10:30 at Jitters N Junk on Corrales Road.  Join us! 


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