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We’re eliminating the partisan divide on climate change

Why we’re needed

Rhetoric on social media and in Congress makes it seem like Americans are impossibly far apart on climate change. But when we look past the divisive politics, we find that Americans across the country care deeply about clean air, clean water, and the health of the land around them. We exist to give them a voice.

How we work 

We put citizens in front of their elected representatives. They’re trained on effective communication and armed with information. Every single meeting we hold is conducted with a spirit of respect and the goal of building relationships. Congress actually wants to hear from our volunteer lobbyists, because we bring real concerns and ideas for solutions. the best way for people to tell the government what we want. You might think government doesn’t know or care how real people feel on important issues like climate change. You’re right. And they won’t, unless we tell them. Probably more than once. 

Solutions we’re advocating for

We are committed to finding the solutions that help both the climate AND Americans. We advocate for:

  • Leveraging the economy to reduce carbon pollution, while looking out for poor and middle class Americans
  • Cutting through red tape so that we can build and deploy clean energy projects faster
  • Protecting America’s forests, and planting more forests where it makes sense.

Your contribution to Citizens’ Climate Lobby will make a real impact. Your support will help us continue our mission to find common-sense solutions to climate change and empower citizens to become effective advocates for the environment.

Support our grassroots advocacy initiatives

Your monthly donation helps sustain our grassroots advocacy. Listed below are examples of how your monthly contribution could support our work.

What others are giving


Donations made to 501(c)(3) Citizens’ Climate Education (above) are tax deductible. If you would like to make a non-tax-deductible donation, you may donate to 501(c)(4) Citizens’ Climate Lobby.