Ask Senator Brown and Casey about a Price on Carbon

We could have a price on carbon THIS FALL.

Senators Brown and Casey hold the keys.

Senators Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Robert Casey (D-PA) as members of the Finance committee, could make it or break it for a carbon price. Will you email and call them before the next finance committee meeting this Thursday to let them know you support a price on carbon in budget reconciliation?

Even if you contacted them in July or August, they need to hear your voice again at this critical time.

What should I ask for?

You’re asking Senators Brown or Casey to put a price on carbon in this year’s budget reconciliation. They’ll know what you mean.

Click the green “Email and Call My Senator” button to get started!

Get others in Ohio and Pennsylvania to act.

You only need to write and call once yourself. But don’t go back to your regularly scheduled activities just yet. THIS IS OUR FIRST CHANCE FOR MEANINGFUL CLIMATE ACTION THAT CAN’T BE BLOCKED BY THE FILIBUSTER. Share this page with any climate-concerned friends, family, and coworkers in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Better yet, keep reminding them. They’ll want to take their shot to solve climate change, too.

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