Texas Energy Freedom Tour

Texas Energy Freedom Tour


Who are we?

We are citizen volunteers committed to a vibrant, growing economy that manages climate risks appropriately. Most of us are former engineers in the oil/gas industry.

Meet Peter

Peter BrynPeter Bryn is an engineer who spent eight years with ExxonMobil. Peter recently resigned to become a full-time volunteer with Citizens’ Climate Lobby Texas.

Meet Brett

Brett CeaseBrett Cease is a UT-Dallas doctoral student in Public Policy and co-leader of the Denton, TX chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby. He’s worked the past decade in the field as a canoe instructor, camp director, and high school social studies teacher, and is now working with CCL to catalyze existing stakeholders to find common economic solutions.

Meet Ricky

Ricky BradleyRicky Bradley is a Texan who knows America can achieve energy freedom while growing its economy. After volunteering full time for two years, Ricky now works for Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Meet Larry

Larry KremerLarry Kremer is a PhD chemist who spent 38 years with Baker Hughes. He has patents/publications in renewable energy and carbon capture. He is a volunteering with energy startups and Citizens’ Climate Lobby.


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Tour Dates and Registration Links

Click a link below to register for an event in your area!

Tour Map

Coastal Texas (Houston to McAllen)

10/4/2015 (Sunday) League City, TX
10/5/2015 (Monday) Bay City, TX
10/6/2015 (Tuesday) Victoria, TX
10/8/2015 (Wednesday) Corpus Christi, TX

The Valley (McAllen to Rio Grande City)

10/9/2015 (Friday) Brownsville, TX
10/10/2015 (Saturday) McAllen, TX
10/10/2015 (Saturday) Rio Grande City, TX

South/West Texas (Laredo to El Paso)

10/11/2015 (Sunday) Laredo, TX
10/12/2015 (Monday) Eagle Pass, TX
10/13/2015 (Tuesday) Del Rio, TX
10/14/2015 (Wednesday) Marathon, TX
10/15/2015 (Thursday) Socorro, TX
10/17/2015 (Saturday) El Paso, TX

Panhandle (Odessa to Amarillo)

10/18/2015 (Sunday) Odessa, TX
10/19/2015 (Monday) Midland, TX
10/20/2015 (Tuesday) San Angelo, TX
10/21/2015 (Wednesday) Abilene, TX
10/24/2015 (Saturday) Lubbock, TX
10/25/2015 (Sunday) Amarillo, TX

North Texas (Wichita Falls to Texarkana)

10/26/2015 (Monday) Wichita Falls, TX
10/27/2015 (Tuesday) Sherman-Denison, TX
10/28/2015 (Wednesday) Texarkana, TX

East Texas (Longview to Beaumont)

10/29/2015 (Thursday) Longview, TX
10/29/2015 (Thursday) Tyler, TX
10/30/2015 (Friday) Lufkin/Nacodoches, TX
10/31/2015 (Saturday) Beaumont, TX
11/1/2015 (Sunday) Atascocita, TX

We Texans understand that a changing climate is already costing us – droughts, heat waves, increased fire activity, water shortages and more.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a nonpartisan, nonprofit mobilizing Texans to take action to stop climate change, protect our people and help Texas’ energy economy make a smooth transition.

Our market-based Carbon Fee and Dividend policy would create jobs, support small businesses and families, and reduce emissions — all without burdensome EPA regulations or growing the government.


Carbon Fee and Dividend Explained in 2 Minutes

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