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Advance Climate Policy

A carbon price is still critical to meet America’s climate commitments

New modeling explores the effectiveness of a variety of climate policies, and CCL's Dana Nuccitelli breaks down the findings.

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Big impacts from BIG WIRES Act and IRA home rebates

Per year, the BIG WIRES Act would save the country between $330 million and $2.5 billion and would reduce U.S. emissions about 1–2%.

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PROVE IT Act passes Senate committee after months of CCL support

On January 18, after months of support from CCL volunteers, the PROVE IT Act passed the Senate EPW Committee with a bipartisan majority vote.

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Perception gap plagues Canada’s carbon price

Canada's carbon pollution is down, but so is public support for its carbon pricing policy. CCL Research Coordinator Rick Knight explores why.

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A young Black man and an Asian woman look at a stack of papers on a table. They are bundled up outside on a cold fall day.
Learn about the Foreign Pollution Fee and Clean Competition Acts

CCL's Research Coordinator Dana Nuccitelli discusses bills that would impose a carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) or a carbon tariff.

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A group of young climate advocates poses together outside at a climate event.
National Youth Climate Statement calls for carbon pricing

Emily O'Keefe, Katharine Gage and Roksanna Keyvan share their experience as delegates at LCOY and vision for climate action.

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A Congresswoman stands behind a podium with a microphone. The stage next to her has three empty chairs, and a large screen showing her name and photo further off to the right.
Climate Caucus sends letter to leadership urging cooperation on permitting reform

This letter from 13 Republicans and 13 Democrats delivers an important message and will advance the conversation on permitting reform.

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A split screen TV news set shows a woman host talking with a male guest.
Republican Senators introduce foreign pollution fee bill

Senate Republicans Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina have introduced the Foreign Pollution Fee Act of 2023.

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Two young women look at papers held by an older man in a suit. All three are wearing lanyards.
Up next in November: Here’s what we’re lobbying Congress for 

CCL's primary and secondary asks are about the BIG WIRES Act, the RISEE Act, and the Increased TSP Access Act.

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Man in a suit holds a microphone and a small remote to advance presentation slides
CCL briefs House Climate Solutions Caucus on clean energy permitting reform

Take a peek into a congressional briefing with this video of the Sept. 28 presentation CCL gave to Climate Solutions Caucus staffers.

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