Senate has changed; CCL’s plan hasn’t

Senate has changed, but not CCL’s strategy to pass climate legislation

The people have spoken, and now Republicans control both the House and Senate. So, how does that change CCL’s game plan?

Mark mugIt doesn’t.

We will continue doing what we’ve done all along — generating political will to enact effective solutions to climate change, regardless of which party controls the House, the Senate or even the White House.

Our strategy has never depended on getting the “right” people elected to office. Our strategy is to touch the hearts and minds of the people who represent us, no matter who they are, and convince them to do the right thing.

Is this the easy way to achieve our goal? No, it’s the only way. But if it were easy, it would have happened long ago.

I don’t need to remind you all what’s at stake in this endeavor — preserving a livable world for future generations. For that reason, we cannot afford to indulge in self-pity and excuse-making — “It’s too hard.” “Big money calls the shots.” Is that what we’ll tell our grandchildren 20 years from now when they ask us why we didn’t do something to keep the world from falling apart?

Climbing mountainUltimately, success or failure is not determined by what happens on election day. It is determined by what happens after election day.

I believe very strongly that our government still responds to the will of its people, provided the people tell their government what they want.

The hill we’re climbing just got a little steeper. Drink some water, eat an energy bar, and press on.

By the way, does anyone have contacts in Kentucky?

— Mark Reynolds, CCL Executive Director

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